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Out at Starbucks 5-12-2010

Well I made it out again but I think one of my neighbors saw me leave. I always park in the garage and look out before I leave. With the nicer weather and it staying light later it will become more difficult to get out. I looked out and saw no one so I open the garage door and pulled out onto the street and there one house down was one of my neighbors ladies riding her bike with her little girl and coming right towards me. There really was nothing I could do except pull the sun visor down. Now I really don’t know her just seen her a couple times on the street so I am not really sure which house at the end she lives in so I am hopping she also doesn’t know me enough to figure it out. At this point there is really nothing I can do about it; at least it wasn’t one of the neighbors I know well.

I got to Starbucks just a little later than normal and they are actually busy tonight. There were only 2 tables (one in the back close to an electrical outlet) so that is where I am sitting. I feel like I am in the back corner where I am not real visible but it is all good as I am out. Shavonie is working tonight as they have had a couple employee’s quit. Katie is off though and there is another girl Kelly working tonight. Shavonie introduced us and she seems really nice.

I almost didn’t make it out tonight because of work and will not be able to get out this weekend (Friday night) so I am sad about that. I really like going out and meeting all my friends on Friday night. We always have such a great time. That is the one bad thing about summertime as I get busier and it makes it harder for Susan to get out. I hope though this year I will be able to keep to my Friday and Wednesday schedule. I would also like to do more outings like shopping, dinners, movies or anything else that might be a new experience for me. I really want to broaden my time as Susan.

I also want to spend some time trying to improve my makeup techniques. This will be something I do when going out at night to one of the clubs and not for daytime outings, I think I have that look pretty good but I can use a little more dramatic look for night. It would also be fun to be able to really change my look from time to time.

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