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Cinco De Mayo party

Well Friday Night I went to a Cinco De Mayo party at Mandie & Kathy’s house. They had an awesome party (helped by Danielle) and everything was great. I tried to do my makeup like Chiffon did for the pageant and found it took longer than normal (also not as good but with practice I think I can do it) so I was fashionably late and got there about 7:30. There were already lots of people there; I think they had their best turnout for a party.

They had so much food and it was all so good. They go way overboard on everything when they have a party. I ate way to much especially the chocolate as Candy brought her kisses that she always has and they also had chocolate in the one room (and also chocolate dipped cookies). This girl likes chocolate too much, it is no wonder I can’t seem to lose weight. I really need to start exercising everyday like Cassandra does. She is so dedicated and almost never misses a day, you go girl. I did eat some fruit so I wasn’t totally bad.

They brought out a piñata which was so cool. First up was Cristine and she got a few hits in but couldn’t break it open. Next was Maya’s turn and she got a few good whacks in but her last one she hit down on it which worked well as instead of just swinging away it pulled against the rope holding it and ripped off the head. Great tip for piñatas hit down on them. Anyway Kathy and Mandie had filled it with makeup and other beauty items instead of candy. This was a great idea but way more expensive than candy like I said they go over the top. I got a lip gloss with a little color.

I am not sure how many were there as we were in three different rooms and out in the yard and deck so it was hard to get a count but I would guess 30 to 40. It was a really good turnout even met a couple new t-girls. They also had some really cute clothes they were giving away. Seems Mandie likes to shop. It was fun to watch everyone trying on clothes and going through them all. Kathy and I compared our high heels. She had on these really cute 4″ heels with 4 straps and zipped up the back and I had the ones I wore at the T-girl pageant. Tough call on which was cuter.

Most of the night we had a chance to sit and talk which is always so much fun. I really like a little girl talk (shoes, makeup, and clothes) so much fun. Also being in a house we didn’t have to contend with the loud music at the clubs when we were talking. It was just a really enjoyable evening. I really want to Thank Kathy & Mandie for opening up their house for another party. You two are so awesome to hold these parties (and also Danielle for all her help). It really is nice to have someplace we can all get together.


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  1. Very nice Susan…keep up the great blogging…hehehe

    Comment by Cassandra | May 10, 2010 | Reply

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