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Out at Starbucks 5-5-2010

Well it is Wednesday night and I am at Starbucks again. It is such a nice place to come and catch up on work and e-mails. They are not really busy tonight so there are not many people to watch. I have updated my web page as I put a little something about Diva Las Vegas on it but mostly just put a link back to my blog as that has an account of what we did each day and I didn’t want to rewrite it just for my web page.

I really like the look from the T-girl pageant last Friday with the dark wig. I really need to find one like it and practice more on my makeup. I tried to do my eyes a little more tonight (still not as much as I am at Starbucks not a club) and even tried to plump up my lips a little. It will take practice. Looking back on the pageant I am pretty proud of myself as I really questioned if I would really go through with it. The talent part scared me to death and 6 months ago I would never have dreamed of being on stage let alone performing in front of people. I still have a hard time remembering my performance as I think I was so nervous I just did what I had practiced which is a good thing. I think if I would have had to come up with something on the spur of the moment I would have froze. It is all still a little hazy and I wasn’t even drinking. But I did it and that is all that matters.

People have been coming in Starbuck and getting things to go but no one is really hanging around tonight, still the same 10 people. There is one couple in the corner that has been here every Wednesday night also for the last month or more. I think they also know one of the girls who work here.

There is a young girl who just came up and told me she liked my top (I think she really just wanted to hear my voice). It seems the more I get out the more comfortable I am. The time I spent in Las Vegas really boosted my confidence level. It has been a great few weeks for Susan.

Shavonie may be leaving after all in a week or two which is really sad. I had hoped she would stay and Katie is still leaving this summer (but has been pushed back to the end of August). They make it so much fun to come here I really hope they both stay. They are both so good with all the customers. Well I guess that is all I have for tonight.

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