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Friday the drive to Las Angeles

Friday morning we all got up and Susan put herself all together for the trip. I was so excited to start the trip as Susan and not even the least bit nervous which is something I was worried about. I think the fact Cassandra and Peggy are going makes it a whole lot easier. Cassandra is making the trip in boy mode as she wants to work out every day.The drive down was nice and we had such a fun time. Cassandra drove the whole way. I felt bad about letting him do all the driving but he said he was fine and liked it and I must admit Susan liked being chauffeured. We stopped at a Wendy’s for lunch and went in and ate. It was nice and relaxing and no one paid any attention to us. When we got to Sacramento it was just 5:30 so we decided to go on to Los Angeles as we would get there by 11. We stopped at a McDonalds to get something to eat on the road. Cassandra filled up the car and Peggy and I went in to get food. They were really busy and we had to stand in line before we could order. Even in the crowd I was okay and everyone just went about what they were doing.

We got to the hotel in Los Angeles right at 11 and got checked in. we took all our stuff up to the room. We do not travel light. Cassandra wanted to go out for a couple hours even after driving 15 hours to get here. Peggy and I stayed in as I did not want to have to redo my makeup after all day for just a couple hours. Cassandra went ahead and got all dressed in only 30 minutes and was off to the Oxbowl. I decided to catch up on my Blog while the last two days are still fresh in my mind. So I am typing on my computer with my beautiful nails. I so love them. So far this has been an incredible trip and will only get better.

I will post all my picture on my Windows Live page as it has the most room for pictures.


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