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Starbucks and then to CC Slaughters.

Well I am out for my normal stop at Starbucks. I was running a little late tonight so it was after 7 when I got here but Shavonie and Katie saw me pull in and by the time I was inside they had my drink ready. It is always fun to come here as they are both so great. They are a little slow tonight but still a good place to be.

I have all my stuff ready for Diva Las Vegas and all that is left is to pack. I am so looking forward to it, especially getting my nails done tomorrow night. I so love acrylic nails as I think they are the most feminine thing you can do. From the time I get them done I will stay Susan till I get home and have them removed. I even have a bathing suit for spending time at the pool in Vegas. Even Cassandra is planning on going to the pool (although she said this makes her a little nervous which is something I have never heard her saw, she is always so confident and outgoing. I thought nothing ever worried her. We will have so much fun though. I am not sure if I should buy a swim cap so I could take off my wig and actually go swimming. The wig really does help me look more feminine and without it I am sure I would look like a dude in drag. I will have to really think about this.

I am going to go to CC Slaughters when I leave here and catch up with the other T-girls. I have not been there for so long and I don’t have to get up as early tomorrow so why not. I am sure it will surprise them. Also give Cassandra and me a chance to make any last minute plans as we leave Friday morning.

Spending the whole time as Susan I thought would have made me more nervous as it got closer but so far it hasn’t. I am really looking forward to it. I look back on my trip a few years ago to San Francisco and how nervous I was even before the trip and wonder why I was; maybe it just hasn’t set in yet but either way I will love the whole time. As of the other night it is still just Cassandra, Peggy and I going. It will be so much fun but still would have been great if Teresa, Maya and Bev could have made it.

I really hope there is internet access at the hotel so I can update my blog while on the trip and post pictures. But if not I will make sure that I post as soon as I get home. I am sure this will be a trip I want a good record of what I did and where I went.


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