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Thursday night shopping

Well I went out Thursday night for a little shopping for Susan’s trip to Las Vegas. I needed several things but most important was a cute golfing outfit. So I went to Lloyd Center. I parked by Nordstrom’s and went in. being a weekday evening they were not as busy as on a weekend but still a lot of people walking around. I started my walk down the mall. It was so nice just to be out again so I walked to the far end and started at Sears. I spent a while looking at all the clothes and they had some really cute outfits but as I said I had already figured out what I was looking for and as I have spent quite a bit the last few weeks on Susan clothes I really needed to stick to what I was looking for.

From there I walked back into the mall, my first stop was Torrid. This is a smaller shop but both of the woman that worked there were awesome. They both greeted me when I came in and asked if they could help me find something. I told them I was looking for a cute golf outfit, maybe a white skirt. The one said they had just got some in and went in back and brought out the rack for me. I found the perfect skirt and went in and tried it on. When I came out they both had some ideas for tops and soon I was back in the dressing room with several different tops. I found two that I really liked so as I was out to see what they thought they both thought I looked really good. The one lady though pointed out that the cut of the one top didn’t sit right with the skirt which I would not have known. So I got the skirt and the one top and was happy. I may even go back and get the other top when I get back from my vacation.

My next stop was Payless shoes. I need a pair of shoes probably tennis shoes for golf and casual walking around Las Vegas. I do love high heels so much but also understand that I will be doing a lot of walking and high heels would be murder if I wore them all the time. Plus I am sure most women don’t wear high heels during the day for just casual walking and the point of this is to blend in and pass to the best of my ability. Found a couple cute pairs but didn’t buy one as I want to look a little more. May go out again today (Saturday) for some more shopping.

I spent some more time just walking through the mall and checking out some of the other stores. It was a real relaxing time. My last stop was back at Nordstrom’s as I needed some more foundation. The one I am using now is Studio Fix by MAC as it gives me the fullest coverage and looks good (little expensive). So I went to the MAC counter and the lady there was very nice also and treated me. If you have never visited the cosmetic counter at Nordstrom’s you should. I have always had a good experience and always been treated great. They are always helpful (think they work on commission) and treat you like the woman you are. Of course you pay more for the makeup (experience). But it is so nice.

I left Lloyd Center and on the way home I stopped at Target. I needed some short (ladies) socks to wear with the tennis shoes I have yet to buy and also some eye shadow. As I said the cosmetic counters are fun but more expensive and for most cosmetic I have found drug store brands just as good (except for foundation as I need coverage). I only spent about 20 30 minutes here but still a nice time. All together I spent about 3 hours out shopping as Susan, a good evening and just that much closer to Diva Las Vegas.


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