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Friday night downtown

Well I usual I made it out on Friday night. Friday was so nice and sunny and in the upper 60’s so when I left it was still really nice out. I am so ready for summer and warmed weather. I got to Embers around 7:30 like normal and there really weren’t many people there. Lisa & Bobbie were there so I joined them up by the pool table. There were two guys playing a game of pool so we sat and talked which I really like to do. Amy and Cassandra showed up about 8 and joined us and those two guys were still playing the same game. Cass put money on the table to play the next game and we had to keep asking them to play. It was frustration as they would make a shot and then sit and talk for 5 or 10 minutes then the next would shoot. It was obvious they had been drinking and really should have been cut off by Embers. They finally finished and gave up the table so we started to play.

Cassandra and I played the first two games and I lost both but it was fun. David one of the cocktail waiters who I know pretty well as he has worked there as long as I can remember was limping really bad, he told us he had broken his knee and had a cast on under his pants. Our group played pool and a few went down to watch the show. We still had a good turnout but our numbers have dwindled in recent weeks. Don’t get me wrong we still get a good turnout maybe 10 but back by the first of the year we would have 15 – 20. I am not sure why might just be with the nicer weather we have more things to do and just can’t get out as much. Cassandra and I were talking about it and she said Saturday nights are again becoming the big night out. Shame I can’t make both.

The crowd at Embers was small to start but as the show went on the crowd did grow which was nice as I really do like the shows even though I was up by the pool table most of the night. I did go down and watch some though. The crowd was mostly woman last night which was kind of fun. It was a good night out as always. I really like getting out as Susan so any time or place is great.


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  1. I’ve been following your story for about a year. I really enjoy how you limit yourself to the moment at hand. I applaud your sense of self! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    Comment by Jamie Prather | March 27, 2010 | Reply

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