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Starbuck’s on a Sunny evening

Well it is St Patrick’s Day and yes I went to Starbuck’s tonight. As I have nothing green I discovered to wear but I have some green eye shadow so that is my green for the night. Shavonie greeted me when I came in and told me how nice I looked tonight as I wore a dress (pretty casual dress). She is putting in her two week notice this Sunday so she will soon be gone which will be sad. I really look forward to talking to her and Katie each week. She said I would have to come over and see her at the Starbuck’s in Beaverton. As I know some of the t-girls live over that way it is something I can do. I told her I would give her my e-mail address so we could keep in touch.

They were not very busy when I first got here but as a few more people came in. It is still slower than a normal Wednesday as I think with the nice weather today people stayed outside. There was one man that sat behind me and came over a few times to talk to me. Mostly to complain about his new cell phone that was not charged up for him when he bought it. He did keep calling me Miss though which was nice and did wish me a nice evening when he left. When he left he left a horrible mess on the table and Shavonie had to come over and clean it up. I felt bad for her; I cannot understand why people cannot drop their garbage in the trash can as they leave. Oops as I am writing he has come back in and is wondering around on his cell phone, not talking though so he is either listening to something or just letting the phone ring someplace.

As I was leaving home I noticed I was out of milk so on my way home I will make a quick stop and buy some milk. It is just another chance to be out someplace else. I am so looking forward to Diva Las Vegas and Cassandra, Peggy and I are still defiantly going but it looks like Teresa may be able to go after all. We should find out in a week or so if she can work it out. It will be so much fun. Cassandra has already made her nail appointment for Thursday night before we leave so I should do the same. I don’t want to miss out on a chance to get Acrylic nails. I have pretty much decided on a red color just not sure on how dark or bright I want to go. I think there are also 3 others from our group that are going. I think the highlight will be us playing golf. Will be a challenge to grip the club with long nails, so not sure how well we will do. Either way it will be a great time.

I still need some shoes (for golf and casual for walking around) and a couple pairs of pants. So I will be going shopping here in the not too distant future. I still hope to lose some more weight (lost 6 LB so far), not much but better than gaining. Anyway I will Blog more later.

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