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Friday night at Embers 3-12-2010

Well Susan went out again on Friday night to meet up with her friends at Embers. I wore my new dress I bought a few weeks back. It is more of a casual look and I really like the way it look. I got there about 7:30 and Cassandra and Bobbie were there. From the lack of postings in the group we figured we might be it so we went up by the pool table and sat and talked. Cassandra and I had a chance to talk about Diva Las Vegas. Cassandra, Peggy and I are defiantly going but Teresa is a question mark right now. She still wants to go and is hopping she can. It will be such a fun trip I really hope Teresa can work it out.

Embers was really slow and I talked with Phaedra and she said it has been slow all week. I bet it is hard for the Drag Queens to go out and perform when there is hardly anyone there. With us up by the pool table I bet there weren’t more than 20 people down watching the show at most. Soon more T-girls started to show up and we had a small group. We played pool (I myself played 5 games, lost the first two and then won three in a row). Couldn’t beat Cassandra but did win against Barb and Jen twice. It was a fun night but as several of us were tired (long week) by 12:20 we were ready to go which is early for us. We usually shut the place down. I just thought no one took any pictures so I did not get one of my dress.

On the way home I was just not ready to call it a night so I stopped at Safeway and went in to pick a few things up. I spent about 15 minutes or so shopping. Again it was more about being out than the shopping. Several of the employees greeted me and the lady at the check stand was really nice and asked how my night was going. We chatted for a moment and then I was off to head home where Susan would go to bed and disappear till she comes out again next Wednesday.

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