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Wednesday Night at Starbuck’s 3-10-2010

Well I made it out to Starbucks for my normal Wednesday night and yes I wore one of the new tops I bought last night. At first I wasn’t sure about the color but as I see it on myself I like it. It is really more of a casual look and should go well for my Las Vegas trip. It was fun last night going out shopping even if only for a short time. I really like being out more in mainstream society and that is what will make this trip so much fun. At last count they had 182 registered (they still say they are expecting 160 ton180 so I guess they figure some will drop out) for Diva Las Vegas. I cannot wait as I am so excited as it gets closer day by day.

When I got to Starbuck’s they were busy again and as I got in line behind a couple other people Shavonie held up my drink they had it already for me so I got to bypass the ordering. What great service but it also didn’t give me a chance to talk to them but I am sure I will before the night is over. It also allowed me to get the one remaining table close to a power outlet for my computer which was nice as the people I bypassed ended up sitting on the little couch like seats in the corner and had I had to sit there it would have been more difficult to work on my computer. Right now there is not an empty set in the place. The table next to me with 5 woman at it asked if the could use the extra seat at my table which of course I said yes. I think this is the busiest I have seen it here before. A few people have come in and you could tell they had planned on staying but with no seats they ended up leaving.

Well as I said I find sitting at Starbuck’s a good way to catch up on work and my e-mails. When I am at home I have a bad habit of having the TV on and I get distracted to easy. I get more done in a few hours here and get the fun of being Susan all at the same time. It truly is the best way for me to stay focused and get things done. It is now 8 and people are starting to leave so things are quieting down now. I should be able to get a chance to talk to Katie and Shavonie now as they are not supper busy now. Starbuck’s is a really good place to go if a Transgendered person wants’ to get out. Although this one has turned into my regular (favorite) one I have gone to probably 10 different ones and always been treated well. So go ahead and get out there girls you will love it. Well time to get another drink and maybe chat for a while with them. Till Friday night this is all, have a great rest of the week all.

Well I just spent the last 10 minutes talking with Shavonie and Katie and found out Shavonie has to move in the next couple weeks so she will be going over to Beaverton and will be transferring to a Starbucks over there and to make it worse Katie is moving back east in July so I will lose both of them. It won’t be the same coming in here once they are gone. I will of course keep coming here and will just have to get to know whoever takes their place.


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