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Shopping at Winco

Well on my way home from Starbuck’s I stopped at Winco to do some Grocery Shopping. I picked Winco for three reasons, first low prices money I save on food can be used to buy clothes. Second it is a big store so I would have to walk a lot and would spend more time there. Last they are the busiest of the stores so I would get the most exposure.

The parking lot was not as full as I thought it would be but still had a good walk in. I grabbed my cart and off I went. Right off the bat one of the female employees said hi and asked how my evening was going. She was really pleasant and I wondered if she just wanted to hear what I sounded like but I was fine either way as it was nice to be greeted. I spent about 20 minutes shopping and really did not notice anyone really looking at me and there was a good mix of people of all ages there. I got all my groceries and went up to the check stand. This is the busiest part of the store as everyone meets there and there are always lines.

I got in line and there were three other people in front of me so I knew I had a wait. I stood there and the line moved fairly fast and as I was loading my groceries on the belt the lady behind me probably in her early forties came up and asked if she could ask me a question and started off with “this is a little embarrassing” so I just knew what the question was going to be and I was ready. I said sure and that when she asked if it was hard to learn to walk in heels, not what I was expecting. I told her I found it easier than I thought it would be you just have to be careful on the smooth floors they have at Winco. She told me how cute my shoes were (I wore my open toe shoes with two inch heels). And for the next couple minutes we talked about shoes just like a couple girlfriends. It was really nice and so was she. When I was done and had paid for my groceries she thanked me for the information and wished me a good evening. I said the same and left. It was a really enjoyable experience to end my Wednesday night.


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  1. Hi Susan

    ahh I think that is really aweet and not what you were expecting. I have had similar things in the past. Once when I was in Asda trying on boots this lady approached me and asked if the boots were comfortable and was I going to buy them. Apparently they were the last in her size and we spent a happy 5 minutes discussing them. She didn’t seem at all worried about my voice. I jkust tried to speak quietly.

    Tina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | March 4, 2010 | Reply

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