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Starbuck’s for another Wednesday night

Well as usual I went to Starbuck’s tonight. The difference is I wore a dress. I bought some new outfits on line last week and a couple were dresses. Both are of a more casual look that would be something you could wear to work so I really wanted to wear one. It is a little more dressy then most of the other people here but I did see a few ladies come in wearing dresses so I don’t feel out of place. Again they were really busy when I got here and the only table open was way in the back corner which is still okay but I like being more out in the middle of the room in amongst the other people, as it slows down I will feel like I am sitting in the corner.

Any way when I got here Shavonie greeted me and told me how nice I looked which made me feel good. Even Katie noticed I had a new dress so we talked for a few minutes before I went and sat down way in the back. There were probably 25 people here tonight again seems they are getting busier on Wednesday nights but that is okay with me as long as I can find a seat. I like being out with other people around and every week I am getting more comfortable and confident. This will really help me when we go to Diva Las Vegas and I spend 11 days as Susan.

Well the t-girl group I belong to is starting to get really big, I think we are up to 147 members now and the group is always active. Cassandra started something new this week she picked one t-girl (me Susan) and asked everyone to post one thing you really like about or one thing the person is really good at. There were so many posts that I was blushing all week. I have so many great friends and it was nice to hear some of the things they liked about me. I really owe them all big thanks and hug. Now comes the hard part, I have to pick the next t-girl for the post. We have so many great t-girls in this group I don’t know who to pick. I have till tomorrow to make my pick but wow it is like trying to choose between best friends.

Anyway the crowd here is thinning out and there are only 6 of us left here but still a pretty steady stream of people who come in, get something and leave. I have even talked with Katie and Shavonie a few times tonight and learned a little about them. I even told them about going to Las Vegas in April. They have both worked for Starbuck’s for several years (Katie a little longer) and Shavonie likes to play golf and went golfing today to enjoy the sunshine. By the way today was so sunny and nice almost like summer. Susan is so ready for the summer.


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  1. Hi Susan

    Glad to see you are using the same theme as me and the similarities don’t end there. We are both hetro crossdressers, like to get out and blog about our outings!! Wahay, go girl!

    Sounds like you had a really good time on Wednesday. I’d love to know what everyone thought about you; sounds a great way to feel girly.

    So who is next on your list. Dieing to know!

    TinaCortina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | February 22, 2010 | Reply

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