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Wenesday night routine 2-10-2010

Well I made my usual pilgrimage to Starbucks again tonight. It seems I have settled into a regular routine. Get home from work, eat, cleanup, get dressed and then off I go. I got to Starbuck’s and again they were busy only two open tables so I took the one closest to the electrical outlet so I could plug in my computer. Katie and Shavonie greeted me by name (so nice) and asked how my day was going. They are so nice. We chatted while Katie made my drink and she even commented about it being Wednesday night as I was here. I guess they know my routine too. Again with all the people here nobody paid any attention to me. I know I don’t pass that well so I guess it is not as big of a deal seeing a guy dressed as a woman as I would have thought or maybe (just my thought) I seem so calm and self assured now that I have been coming here that I come across more natural. I like that idea.

Over the last few months as I have gotten out more I have tried to blend in more and act and dress as other woman I see. I have started to wear more pants and blouses and toned down my makeup. As I have gone out more I feel more at ease and dare I say normal as Susan and I really believe this helps me come across better. So my best advice to all you t-girls out there is self-confidence. Now I also know this is easier said than done but if you can work at it, then it will do wonders for you. The one thing I have notice when watching other woman is they are confident in who they are. I have so many good friends that are t-girls and they have helped me in so many ways. Teresa, Maya and Cassandra are so confident when they are out and I have tried to be more like them and it is working. The other thing they all have in common is the ability to walk up and talk to anyone. This was one of the first things I noticed about Alice another friend. This had proven harder for me as I am terribly shy although Susan is more outgoing than my male side but I need a lot of work in this area. It would be so great to be able (confident) enough to just walk up to a stranger and strike up a conversation. This is my goal for the year.

Even though I am only a part time girl (couple times a week) I still want to try to improve myself and make Susan as good as she can be. This is still a big part of who I am and I believe that anything doing is worth doing to the best of your ability. That is another reason I am so looking forward to Diva Las Vegas. It will give me a chance to expand Susan’s reality as I will be living her for 11 days straight. Susan will be out in the public in one of the busiest cities in the country, in crowded casinos and busy hotels and shopping and going out to dinner and yes I even plan on playing golf while I am down there. Not sure how well I will do as I will have long acrylic nails and not sure how well I will be able to grip the golf club. But no matter what it will be all Susan. If you have never heard about Diva Las Vegas or just want some information check out their web page. It really looks like it will be an awesome time.

Well Barb showed up tonight to join me for a while. She showed up a little before 8 pm. It is nice to have someone to have some girl talk with. We spent an hour just talking so I didn’t get as much done on my computer but that is okay I can take care of that tomorrow. Now I am at home and thought I would update my blog.


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  1. and you should talk to two girls tonight to show that you are no longer the shy Susan!!!!!!

    Comment by alice green | February 10, 2010 | Reply

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