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Susan’s Wednesday night out 2-3-2010

Well it is Wednesday night so that means Susan is out again and at her favorite Starbuck’s coffee house. When I first got here they were so busy I wasn’t sure I was going to get a table. But I found one way in the back. Both Katie and Shavonie remembered my name and greeted me by Saying “hi Susan how is your day going” It made me feel really good and I greeted them by calling them by their names (which really impressed Shavonie as she put it people have trouble remembering her name. it is almost like we are friends. Again we chatted while they made my drink.

I sat down and logged on my computer and took care of some things I needed to do. Tonight it is mostly men in here which was a little nerve racking there is one big group of about 11 men sitting right in the front and I had to walk right by them but they either were too busy with what they were talking about or just didn’t notice me. People came in and left as there are no more places to sit. Even my table is down to just the one seat as the group by the door has all the spare seats. You could tell a few had planned on staying as they brought in computers with them and kind of looked around before they finally left. I guess I got lucky I got here when I did.

By 8 pm the crowd died off and I found myself by myself here and again talked to Katie and Shavonie while I got another drink. I thought the last hour would be really quiet but 4 women came in and are sitting at the next table. 

Over the weekend I registered for Diva Las Vegas as they opened it up to newcomers on Saturday. The e-mail they sent out said that they have more signed up from those returning (108) than any other year and they are predicting this will be their biggest year yet. I am now really getting excited about it as it all seems so real now. I am registered and we have hotel reservation. All that is left is to do some clothes shopping and then go. It seems so far away still. Well I guess that is enough for tonight.


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  1. Wed certainly is coffee night for Susan!!!!!

    Comment by alice green | February 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. Of the eleven men sitting together that you saw, remember, 25% of them crossdress! Did you try picking out who that might be?

    Comment by Lori Michelle | December 13, 2013 | Reply

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