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Friday at Embers and then another club 1-29-2010

Well it was another Friday night out for Susan. I got to Embers about 7:30. Peggy, Teresa, Cassandra and Lisa were already there along with Wilma. We had two tables up front. It is always nice to get there early and be able to talk before the show starts. Shannon showed up and as Saturday is her birthday we all wished her a Happy Birthday. Peggy told Jersey it was her birthday so we could get her on stage later. Soon other t-girls started to show up and soon some of them were up by the pool table playing pool.

Alice showed up a little before 10 which was nice as I haven’t seen her for a few months. We had a chance to talk some between songs and get caught up. She was one of the first t-girls I met and really helped me start coming out more. She will walk up and start talking to anyone just like Cassandra, something I wish I was better at. I am getting better at it though.

When it was time for birthdays Jersey came down and got Shannon and took her up on stage. It was so fun to watch her up there. They had her sit and we all came up and put money on her and then Vivica gave her a lap dance. We all took lots of pictures and it was nice this week to be on the other end of the lap dance this week.

We stayed till the show was over. Most of the time our group was the majority of the people there watching the show and by the end we were pretty much the only ones there. We were talking about it and how hard it must be to be up there dancing and performing and have so few people in the crowd watching.

After the show Jersey invited us to go to a club around the corner where all the drag queens go after the show for a drink. Peggy and Teresa went there on Wednesday night but it was the first time for me. It is always fun to go someplace new. When we left Shavon (one of the Drag Queens) was sitting outside. She was waiting for one of the other drag queens as she needed a ride home. She is so awesome and only 19 so she can only be on the stage and not in the club so I have never been able to talk to her. Peggy and I sat with her while she waited and we talked. She is so nice and such a good performer and it was nice to talk to her for a while. Finally she left and Peggy and I walked down the street to the next corner where the club was. Most of the drag queens were there most in boy mode but a few still in drag. We got some food and spent about 45 minutes talking with them; they are so nice and made us feel welcome. We stayed till they closed at 2:30. It was such a fun night but we stayed out way to late.

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