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Manicure and time at Starbuck’s 1-27-2010

Well it’s Wednesday night and I made it out again. I made an appointment to get a manicure tonight at Nails by Lilly at 6 pm so I had to leave a little earlier than normal. This is always a challenge as it was still light out when I left home and some of my neighbors were outside. I tried to time it when they were not looking towards my house and off I went. Don’t know if they saw anything suspicious or not but I was out and on my way. I got to the nail salon just before 6 and went in. there were three other woman in there getting their nails done so I had to wait about 10 minutes. The lady who did my nails has done them before so we chatted a little while she did them. It is so relaxing to get a manicure. Tonight I chose the color “an affair in red square” from OPI. It is a medium red with just a little bit of sparkle in it. A really nice color that may be what I have when I get my acrylics for Diva Las Vegas. I hope to go two more times for manicures before then and try different colors so I pick the perfect one for the trip. I left with my beautiful nails and headed down to Starbuck’s.

 I got to Starbucks right at 7 pm my usual time. There was no one there when I went in which is a first of all the times I have been here. Both ladies that worked here greeted me with a hello and a smile. They are both so nice and friendly. Before I could even get to the counter to order the one was already making my drink. Wow I feel so special. I had my money out and the one said it was on them tonight as I am always so nice and pleasant, wow what a compliment. I am sitting here on my computer and they are getting busy now about 15 people here. There is a group of 9 women that have pulled several tables together. It looks like they are having a girl’s night out. They are at the tables next to mine so I can kind of listen in on what they are talking about not that I am trying to listen it’s just our close proximity. It is really fun to sit here and people watch while I am on my computer. Everyone is so involved in their own little world when they are here it truly is a great place for Susan to come to.

 The more I am out the more I am looking forward to Diva Las Vegas and the week I will spend totally as Susan it will be an experience of a life time. 11 days totally as Susan. I know my friends who are also going are excited and looking forward to it to so I know we will all have a wonderful time. I plan on taking so many pictures, one of the fun things of being Susan, she is a camera freak. Susan sees a camera and the smile just comes over my face. It is so strange as my male side is so camera shy and has spent his life avoiding the camera. I guess I really am two different people. I plan on putting some on my web page and flickr page but all will go on my Windows live profile. I really haven’t used this one much but the other day I was on it and they now give you 25 gigs for pictures for free where flickr only lets you have 200 if you want more you have to pay. This will be a great [place for me to store my pictures in case the unthinkable happens (computer crash). Well I guess that is all for tonight.

Well just one more thing. Went up to get another drink and again they gave it to me free, very unexpected. I will have to give them a good tip tonight. I stood there and we chatted while they made my drink. The one asked my name so I told them Susan and they both introduced themselves Katie and Shavonie (hope I spelled it right) they are both so nice. And now I should be able to remember their names.


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  1. Another great Wed evening!!!!!!

    Comment by alice green | January 27, 2010 | Reply

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