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Susan’s big night out

Well Friday night I went out to meet my friends at Embers again. I was so looking forward to it all week long.  I got there about 7:30 and Peggy, Cassandra, Teresa, Lisa and Samantha were already there. Cassandra had a new wig (same style but a darker color). As the lighting inside is dim I am not sure exactly what the color is but I think it is more of a reddish blonde. It looked good on her but did make her look a little different. On the table was a box of cupcakes that Peggy brought and on toothpicks stuck in each one was my picture. It was so sweet of Peggy to do that for me and really made my day. I am really lucky to have such a wonderful bunch of friends.

Soon more of our group started to show up, Bev, Maya, Shannon, Danielle, Kathy, Mandy, Victoria, Petra and several more. Friday night truly is a great night to go out because so many T-girls are going out on that night; it is so much fun to know that there will always be friends out for you to spend time with. I remember the first few time I went out, one of the hardest things was not knowing if you would be alone or the only T-girl there.  You might get all dressed up pretty as you can and go down there (maybe have to pay to get in if you got there late) and then find that you are the only T–girl there. It was really intimidating. Now with the group we all post when and where we will be out and you know you will always have a friend (or 20) there to keep you company. It is more than a group of friends, we are almost like family. We really owe Cassandra a big thanks for starting this group and making it grow. I hope she knows how much it means to each of us. Wow got off track there.

Well anyway the show started and as always it was really good. It was finally time, and Jersey invited me and 4 others up on stage. Now a few months ago you could never have gotten me up there even if I had been drinking but I went right up. Jersey introduced us to the crowd and asked us some questions. I was a little nervous but also having fun. I was in the spotlight if even for just a little while with all eyes on me. I guess I have really become for confident in my being Susan. Next came the really embarrassing part. We all sat down and the crowd was invited up to decorate us with money for a lap dance. If you have ever been to Embers you have seen this and know what I am talking about, if not you should go check Embers out for yourselves. Anyway all my friends came up and put dollars all over me and soon all of us had dollar bills all over us. Then Vivica Valentines (one of the Drag Queens) came out and gave us all a lap dance removing the money with her mouth only. It was really embarrassing but fun at the same time. Now all my friends were taking pictures the whole time and even a video. Although these pictures are a little more embarrassing (risqué) than Susan is willing to post so sorry no pictures from Friday night as I want to keep my picture files G rated.

The show was good and went longer than normal I think they went almost till 2 as the crowd seemed to stay late. I think by the time we left it was about 2:30 as it was almost 3 by the time I got home but it was so much fun. Oh I also turned in my entry for the Miss Portland T-girl (this is the first one) contest. It is the last Friday in April and should be so much fun. I am not sure what I will do for talent but I have some time to think about it. If there are any T-girls in the Portland metro area and you have ever thought about being in a pageant or being on stag in the spotlight this is your chance. They have entry forms at Embers or if you want you can contact me and I will get one and scan it in and e-mail it to you. Any way it should be a lot of fun.

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