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People watching at Starbuck’s 1-20-2010

Well I made it out on my usual Wednesday night trip to Starbuck’s. The two women that work there are starting to know me as they remembered what I wanted to drink and both asked me how my night was going. I guess that moves me into the realm of being a regular which is kind of nice. Again they were not real busy when I got here maybe 10 other people two of which were young girls maybe 14 – 15 and for the first time sense I have been coming here I got some looks. They seemed more curious about me than anything else and looked over at me a few times to see what I was doing and then went back to their conversation and seemed to forgot about me. The rest of the people here paid me no attention even the guy I stood in line next to.

I find it so relaxing to be out in public as Susan, it is hard to explain. I come here to Starbucks and spend a couple hours on my computer doing things I could easily do at home but somehow it is more fun here. I can watch the other people around me and even sometimes listen in on what they are talking about at the tables next to me. Even though I am here by myself it is almost like I am not alone. You would also be amazed at how many people come here by themselves. Right now there is a man in the corner reading a book. The man at the table next to me looks like he is doing school work. There are the two young girls sitting talking and they have not even looked my way for a long time so I think the fascination of me has worn off and now I am just another customer. There is a couple behind me and 3 other people (2 men and 1 woman) at tables on their computers just like me. Other than that it has been the people who come in to get something to go and even they don’t pay any attention to me. It gives me a chance to catch up on my blog and e-mails. I hope my blog is not to boring as it tends to cover some of the same things but it is my way of recording my time as Susan so it is as much for me as everyone else.

Let see what else I can talk about tonight; I am starting to plan for my trip to Diva Las Vegas and am trying to figure out what types of clothes I should by. I have some nice dresses, skirts and tops but only a couple pairs of pants. I need to figure out a casual look for Susan for the trip I also need to get some shoes for walking as everything I have has heels and that might look a little odd especially when we go golfing. I defiantly need to do some shopping but am going to put it off for a little bit so I can try to drop a few pounds, boy I so sound like a woman. This trip is going to be so much fun.

Well the two young girls left and never even looked my way on their way out. Several more people have come in and it is the busiest they have been tonight but still nothing like last week.

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