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Wenesday night out at Starbuck’s 1/13

Well it is my Wednesday night Susan time. I was looking at my nails and they need some work to get ready for my vacation to Diva Las Vegas. I got home and called to see if I could get a manicure tonight before going to Starbuck’s. I want to get my hands looking good so when I get my acrylics for the trip they will look perfect and I also want to try some different colors to see how I want to spend the week. Unfortunately they did not have an opening tonight and asked if I could make it tomorrow which I couldn’t. So I decided to try the other salon that I have used and evidently the economy got to them and they are now closed which may be why the other one was booked as they are only a couple blocks from each other. So a long story no manicure for Susan tonight. Will try again next week but will call a day or two before. I really do love getting my nails done and I don’t do it enough. I think I will try to get a manicure once a month.

Any way I am sitting in Starbucks and have finished my first drink and getting a second as it is a little chilly in here. They have gotten busier and the door keeps opening and letting cold air in. but it also give me a chance to watch all the people coming and going. When I got here there were only 6 people inside sitting now there are about 20. I really like to be out in the mainstream public I think that is why I am so looking forward to Diva Las Vegas. Would love to hear from anyone who has been there to find out how they liked it, also anyone planning on going. I would love to get know some of the people who will be there before I get there. Right now the group of t-girls here in Portland I belong to has 4 for sure going, 3 more who are planning on it and 2 who are trying to work out their schedules so they can go so looks like 9 from Portland. I am still hoping a few more will be able to go, it would be so fun with a big group.

The bad thing is I have been looking at my wardrobe and I need to do some shopping. I am good for going out a couple times a week but being Susan 24/7 for 10 day I need more clothes and shoes. I definitely need to go shopping which may end up being the most expensive part of this trip. That will also be fun as I plan on doing my shopping as Susan and added bonus.

This trip will be so much fun and the longest I have been Susan none stop. I will get my nails done with acrylic on Thursday night and from then on 10 days as Susan. I am not even taking any boy clothes just my feminine girly stuff. I can’t wait, it seems so far away but I know it will get here fast enough.

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