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Playing pool with friends

This week with New Years I could not get out on Friday night so I decided to go to Embers on Saturday night as a group of girls were meeting there to play pool. Now I am not really good at pool but I wanted to get out few a few hours. I got to Embers and had to park two blocks away on the other side of the park. Even though there was no parking Embers was not very busy. There were about 10 t-girls there already.

My first pool game I had such high hopes but on my second shot I scratched the 8 ball and lost. It was probably the fastest game in history. Like I said I am not very good at pool. I watched for awhile and then tried again and it was as if things just fell into place. I was hot and ended up winning 4 games in a row. But as I said all things come to an end and I lost the 5th game. I watched a few other games happy with how I had done. I decided to play another game and things went my way again. In the second game I still had 5 balls on the tables and Cassandra was down to the 8 ball and I ran the table sinking all 5 balls in a row and then the 8 ball to win. First time I have ever done that and again I ended up winning 4 games in a row. It was an awesome night for Susan to play pool.

There was some excitement outside Embers. Right in the intersection there was a car wreck and the car that ran the intersection than took off and left the scene. What an idiot. He only made it to the next intersection before his car died and there were so many police cars there so fast. From what I heard they had the guy on the ground and the street blocked off. Even when I left at 1:30 there were still police out there and the wreck was before midnight.

Well just before I left Cassandra and I played one last game as we had each won 4 in a row and each won two games from each other and needed to break the tie. Susan was having the best night of her life at pool and even though Cassandra is probably the best in the group we played our last game and Susan’s luck ran out. Cassandra won, I couldn’t sink a ball even if I used my hands. When it was all over I still had 6 of my 7 balls on the table. Win or lose it was a fun night as I was out with all my friends.

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