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Susan out with friends on New Year’s Eve

Well as we start 2010 I hope you all had a Happy and safe New Years Eve and wish you all the best for 2010.

Susan had a fabulous New Years Eve. For such a special night I wore my red dress to go out to Embers. We had a lot of T-girls going out and as it was New Years we arranged for designated drivers this year so more could get out and be safe and not rick getting into trouble by drinking too much. Cassandra our group leader came up with the idea and coordinated it which I thought was a great idea, way to go Cass. We have several t-girls that don’t drink, (I know why are we going to bars, well it is about being out with friends not drinking) so we had members that were willing to drive. I picked up one Charlene and we drove together to Embers which made the drive more fun. Being New Years Eve I thought it would be really crowded so we tried to get there as early as possible. We arrived about 7:30 and found parking on the street just a half block over and even the parking lot across the street was empty.

When we got inside same thing, there were not many people there. Peggy, Bev, Maya and Teresa were inside and had two tables as we expected a large group. Not long after Cassandra and Samantha showed up and soon more and more t-girls started to show up. Barb, Lea, Lynn, Jan, Siobhan, Christine, Roxy, Kathryn, Rachel and I am sure I am forgetting someone and I am sorry for that. We took a third tables as our numbers now demanded it and we wanted to make sure we had enough seats for everyone in our group but even with three tables we still had more t-girls than seats. Now about 8 pm they came around and collected $10 from everyone (but we did get cute hats and noise makers). I have posted some pictures on my Flickr page with my cute hat. We all had our cameras out taking pictures before the show and while the crowd was still small.

By the time the show started the crowd had grown to standing room only and the crowd was really in a festive mood. Then show was good and they did some songs I had not seen before. We were all having a fun time. As midnight got close Peggy and Cassandra bought several bottles of Champagne for a New Year’s toast, Thanks to both of you that was very generous. Now even though I don’t drink I did have a half glass of Champagne at mid night with everyone. I figured it was a special occasion and I was with my best friends and that deserved a drink.

After midnight the drag Queens all got on stage and did the song Time warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is something they do every year and the whole crowd were on their feet and joined in with them. It was a lot of fun and after that the show went on and we once again were talking and watching the show. The night was so much fun and I got to start my New Year off with all my friends.

As I look forward to the New Year I hope to get to know all my friends better and for us to grow closer and stay the best of friends. I have never really liked the idea of a New Year’s resolution as I think that puts undo pressure and if you can’t keep them it can make you upset so I will not do that, but I will set some goals to shoot for.

1 I want to continue to go out once a week with all my friends.
2 To feel more comfortable out as Susan.
3 To go out in the real world more, not just gay clubs.
4 Buy more pretty dresses, skirts, & shoes (Susan needs a bigger wardrobe).

I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year’s and may all your resolutions or goals be attainable and the year ahead be filled with good friends and family.

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