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Diner out with friends

Well I went out on Wednesday night again for a couple of hours but instead of going to Starbuck’s this week I met several of the t-girls from my group for a Christmas dinner. We are trying to get out more into mainstream places. We all want to get out more and we hope to go out once a month to dinner, shopping, movies or something else.

We met at Who Song and Larry’s in Vancouver at 7 pm for dinner and we had a big table right in the middle of their main dining room. There were other people there and they really paid no attention to us. It was nice to get to talk as we ate. I think there were 12 of us there and we were treated really well. There was one guy as he left he stopped really quickly and took a picture of us. We all laughed about it, if he had only asked we would have all posed for him. We all love having our pictures taken. The food was really good and the prices were really not bad. If you like Mexican food I would recommend you give them a try.

I also got my Avon order, My friend Peggy sells Avon and I ordered some lipstick and some really cute earrings. I really like Avon’s products and it is so nice to have a friend who sells it. Check out her page if you would like to try Avon.

Well I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe Holiday season.

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  1. […] It is also one of the first restaurants we went to as a group and our first Christmas dinner, we went here December 23rd 2009. I was looking forward to it. I am not sure how many we will have tonight as the only ones who have […]

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  2. […] I am not sure but this might be the one we have gone to for the longest that we still go to. The first time we went here as a group for in December of 2009 for our holiday dinner. I have even met Peggy once here for dinner years […]

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