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Holiday party Susan went to

Well last night I had the chance to go to a Holiday Party. Kathy and Mandie invited a small group over and we all had a great time, Thanks so much. They even had a few of their friends who know about Mandie there and they were so nice. Their house is beautiful and Kathy showed us their closet upstairs. They took a small storage room and turned it into a walk in closet and it was so nice. I want one now for Susan, wish I had a small storage room like that. I had a good chance to talk with Mandie and Kathy and they are really nice and Kathy is so accepting of Mandie’s need to be Mandie.

Peggy, Cassandra and Teresa were also there which is always fun along. It was so nice to be able to talk with them in a more social setting. It is fun to go to Embers be doing something new is always fun. Also there was Siobhan, Danielle, Marla and Brenda. I know them all although Danielle and Brenda I do not know as well so it was nice to talk to them some and get to know them a little better.

Candy and her wife Jodi also made it to the party which was nice. Candy is so much fun and her wife is so nice and is trying to be supportive of her. Candy has been coming out pretty regular and I have gotten to know her better.  I also got a chance to talk with Jodi for a while which was really nice. It was the second time I have met her and hope she comes out more with Candy. They are both such wonderful people.

Over all the night was so much fun and as I only planned on staying till 10 or so but just couldn’t bring myself to leave so it was another late night. I really want to thank all my friends for such a fun night and especially Kathy and Mandie for inviting us all over. You are all awesome.




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