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Satudrday Night Harvey’s Comedy Club

Saturday night I had the chance to go out and do something new which is something Susan really likes to do. A bunch of us t-girls were going to go to Harvey’s comedy club for the late show. I had been looking forward to it for weeks now. Saturday turned out to be a bad day and it really brought me down and I thought about  not going out for the night but being Susan always seems to make me feel so good and I really wanted to spend time with my friends so I went ahead and went and I am so glad.

We all met at Embers at 7:30 so we could talk and play some pool before the show. It was nice to be around friends and always make Susan happy. It was so much fun and even with the cold weather everyone was there. Harvey’s is only about 6 blocks away so when it came time to go even with the cold weather we decided to walk so we would not have to find parking again. It was such a sight to see 16 t-girls walking down the streets of Portland.  It was a little chilly but with walking it was not bad. When we got there at 9 we got our tickets and went into the lounge to wait for the show. It was nice to be out in public and not just a gay club.

We had about 30 minutes to wait in the lounge we all the other people for the doors to open and it was fun. We had no problems and really no one even paid us any attention, either they were too busy with their own lives or really just didn’t care about all of us. We were the first ones in line as we wanted to make sure we all got to sit together. They had two performers and both were really good. The opening act was really good and I wish I could remember his name. The headliner was Dante and he was really good. His show went about an hour and at the end he did some impressions and they were really good. If you get a chance to see him someplace you should. Harvey’s was great and treated us all really well and we all had a great time. I would highly recommend Harvey’s weather you are a t-girl or not you will have a good time and I really needed a good time. I would love to go back there again sometime. Big thanks to Cassandra for making all the arrangements and coming up with the idea.

After the show we all walked back to Embers, It was a little colder as the wind was blowing a little. We all got to Embers and the show was going on. We found a table and watched some of the show. Some of the girls went up and played pool and the rest of us stayed down by the show. It was fun but I only stayed for about a ½ hour. The evening was so nice and made me feel so much better.


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