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Friday night Dec 4 at Embers with friends

Friday night was so cold but Susan braved the weather once again to go out. I was the first one at Embers but only had to wait a few minutes before people started to show up. Cassandra, Peggy and Teresa were the first and we thought that might be all we would have.

Embers was doing a benefit for our house in and early show and all the tips during this show went to the charity. There really weren’t many people there, the four of us and maybe 2 or 4 more the rest were all cast members and their friends and the workers at Embers. It amazes me that Embers does not do more promoting events. Our group is there every Friday and Saturday night with between 10 and 30 girls and they don’t stop to tell us “by the way next week we have something going on early”. I think they could have done a lot better and raised even more money if they got the word out. Well enough about that.

Soon more of our group started showing up and we started adding tables to our little group. By the time the main show started we had 5 tables with between 5 and 7 at each table. We must have had 30 plus there and it was so much fun. Siobhan was there and I got a picture with her (you can check it out on my flicker page), she is so cute in her dress. We also got a chance to talk some but with the show and loud music talking was a little difficult. The show was really good and they had a few new drag Queens so that was nice to see something new. All the girls in our group are awesome and make it so much fun to be out together.


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