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Starbuck’s and a short shopping trip

Well Susan made her normal Wednesday night out tonight. It has been a long week and I really needed to have some Susan time. I went to Starbuck’s to relax with a warm drink and spend some time on my computer. They were a little busier than normal as I think people stopped in to get warm as it is pretty cold out and will be for the next several days. I was a little cold as I do not really have winter clothes for Susan yet. This will be something I need to work on. I like going to Starbuck’s as they have always treated me really well and I have never had a problem yet. There are three different ones I have gone to (two of them more then the third but they seem to not have a problem with me so I guess that would make them t-girl friendly.

I spent over an hour there just relaxing and working (playing) on my computer. I did some work but mostly on the internet and answering e-mails. The other customers were busy with whatever they were doing and paid me no attention. It is fun to just be out in the general population and be treated like everyone else.

When I left Starbuck’s I decided to go to Kohl’s as it was just a couple blocks away and do a little shopping, see what they had in the way of clothes more suitable for the colder weather. I looked around for about 30 minutes and really found nothing I liked. I guess I still like the cute outfits and bulky clothes just aren’t as cute. I think I will see if I can find a cute coat that I can wear just when I am outside. Again I really had fun just looking and no one really even paid attention to me of course they were not real busy which surprised me with Christmas so only a few weeks away. I am sure I will buy Susan some nice Christmas presents this year.

Well now I am home and just wanted to update my blog before I put Susan to bed. I only have limited time as Susan so I really enjoy and value the time I get to spend dressed up.

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