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Friday night at Embers with friends

Well this Friday out was a blast. I got to Embers at 7:30 and Cassandra, Peggy, Teresa and Lisa were already there. We started by playing pool. We were pretty much the only ones at Embers at this point. When Bev and Maya showed up de decided to get some tables down by the show as we were expecting a lot of t-girls and we wanted to get tables so we could all sit together so we took 3 of the four big tables next to each other. I so enjoy the time before the show as it is quiet and we could talk. Brianne showed up and I got to talk to her, it is the first time I have met her in person and she is really nice.


Monday was Maya’s birthday so we celebrated it and had Maya get up on stage during the show. It was so funny, Embers lets you put money on the birthday girls and guys and then they do a lap dance. It was awesome but I would never be able to go up on stage. Maya was such a good sport about it and we all took pictures including her wife.

Siobhan showed up in boy mode. I did not even recognize her till she spoke. It was nice to meet her this way. I still have not worked up the courage to tell anyone or let them meet my male side. It was so much fun we must have had 20 t-girls there and we even had 5 wives that came out last night. It is so great that there are wives that accept and even support their t-girl husbands.


Candy was also there with her wife. This was the second time I met Candy and the first time I have met her wife. They are both really nice. Cady told her wife awhile back and they have been working on things. It is so nice that her wife is learning about Candy and willing to accept her. I got a chance to talk to Candy for quite awhile and we seem so much alike in our reasons for who we are. I also got a chance to talk to her wife and she is really nice and trying hard to understand about Candy and why she likes to be Candy. It was nice to get to know her and I tried to explain at least why I dress and need to be Susan. I ended up staying out till almost 2:30 talking with Candy, and her wife and Teresa and Dan. I look forward to getting to know Candy and her wife more. I had not planned on staying out so late but it was so much fun. This is such a great group of girls that I call my friends.


Friday Nights are my favorite nights as I get to spend time with such great friends. We all have such a good time and I look forward to Friday all week.


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