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Night before Halloween out with friends

I went out to meet some friend at Embers on Friday night October 30th. It was the night before Halloween but I didn’t wear my costume as I wanted to save it for the party on Halloween. I knew Cassandra and Lisa would be there but didn’t know if any of the other girls would show up as most are planning on going to the party. I got there about 7:30 and Cass, Lisa and Teresa were already there. It is always nice to see them as they are some of my best friends and I look forward to the time we spend together all week. Teresa and I spent time talking about all kinds of stuff from computers to going out in public. I think this is my favorite part of being out, girl talk. It gives us a chance to get to know each other better and build on our friendships.

Embers started off pretty slow but by the time the show started it was really crowded and our group of t-girls had grown. We had over 10 and we were having a great time and some even wore costumes and now I was thinking maybe I should have worn mine, next year I will. They had a costume contest and there were some good costumes. Seeing all the costumes is really making me look forward to the party. Saturday night should be so much fun. Cassandra thinks there will be lots of t-girls there although she is not sure how many will have on costumes. I am bringing a veggie tray to the party and I am still thinking of stopping on the way to pick it up just to wear my costume into the store. I think that would be fun.

Hope you all have a fun and magical Halloween


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