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Friday night at Embers 10-23-2009

Well it was another fantastic Friday night out for Susan. It started off kind of slow with just Lisa, Cassandra and me but soon girls started to show up and by 9:30 we had about 20 t-girls. I got to know a few of them better as we sat up by the pool table so we could talk as well as watch the show and of course play pool. I only played a couple game and lost both but it was still fun. Susan just has to play more and work on her game.

We talked a little about other places we could go to expand our time out as girls and one place was a comedy club so I think we are going to try and make that happen. Don’t get me wrong I really like going to Embers but every week you see the same thing. I would love to go someplace new once in a while. It would be good for us and give us a chance to meet new people that may never meet a crossdresser or t-girl. I have gone to Starbuck’s and out shopping with very little problems and I think the more we get out in main stream USA the more acceptance we as a group we receive. It would also be a lot of fun. Barb and I talked for quite a while and she also thought maybe a movie night out and dinner or shopping would be fun and I agree. I have done both but by myself. It would be so much better and more fun to go with others be it other crossdressers or even GG’s (genetic girls) that accept us as who we are, men who like to express their feminine side.

Sorry got a little sidetracked, the show was really good and one of our girls (Amber) was celibrationg her birthday and Victoria worked it so she would get a lap dance. Even Alice showed up and I got to spend some time talking to her which was great. I have not seen her for a couple months and as she lives down south she won’t be out again till the end of January. She is the first t-girl I really got to know well and have been keeping in touch through e-mail. As I said it was a fun night and I hope we can plan some more outings.


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