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looking for a cute Halloween costume for Susan this year

Well I spent most of the day out looking for a costume for Halloween. I found several really cute costumes but none of them fit me. It is hard being a big girl. I have not given up yet, I really want a cute female costume for this year. I don’t know why they don’t make them just a little bigger. I really don’t want to go to the costume party just as Susan. Don’t get me wrong there are female costumes that will fit me but the really cute ones all seem to be for female’s size 12 and under.
I went to at least a dozen costume stores today but I have not given up. I am going to have an awesome costume this year. I will keep looking this week and next weekend till I find my perfect costume. I did not get out this weekend so I missed seeing all my friends but I plan on going out next weekend and I will go to Starbucks again on Wednesday for an hour or so. It is nice at Starbucks as I can get some of my work done on my computer there and it is fun doing it as Susan.
Halloween is coming so fast, two weeks from today. I have been so looking forward to Halloween, I can’t wait and I plan to take lots of pictures at the party and will post them on my flickr page.

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