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Friday October 9 2009 at Embers

Well it was another fun night out Friday. We all met up at Embers about 7:30 and they were having a special show. Ciara Delarosa was hosting the show. She is running for Rose Empress 51. I have met her several times before and she is always friendly to the t-girls. They were kind of crowded so we sat up in the corner by the pool table.
We had our usual group of t-girls (Cassandra, Peggy, Maya, Bev, Lisa, Barb and of course me) there. It is so much fun to get together with them. They are my best friends and I look forward to seeing them every Friday. It is a shame I cannot go out more and spend more time with my friends. They are such a big part of my life and I am feel I could trust them with more about Susan’s other side.
It was such a fun night, Sitting up by the pool table was nice as we could still see and hear the show but it was not as loud so we could also talk which is always nice. There is something about sharing a little girl talk with friends. I even played some pool and although I am not real good at it I did win 5 games in a row before I lost. Even Victoria Sinclair showed up and she is so much fun. We stayed out till 1:30 am before we headed home. I think I will go to Starbuck’s on Wednesday for an hour or so just so Susan can get out again.

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