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Night out with friends

Friday night I was out again and had a great time. Again I went to Embers to meet up with some of my best friends. They were so crowded when I got there. Turns out one of the drag queens partner had died and they were having kind of a memorial for them. I had never met him but seen him there as he always there to help and I have talked to Topaz so it was a sad event. Our hearts and prayers are with her for her loss.
With all that was going on the show didn’t start till almost 11 which gave us all time to talk which I really enjoy, who doesn’t enjoy a little girl talk. We had a smaller group than usual, Cassandra, Peggy, Maya, Bev, Lisa and me, (with the smaller group I can remember everyone that was there). It was so much fun but I found myself telling Cassandra and Peggy more about my male self which is something I have never done before. I guess I am just getting comfortable with them both and now consider them really good friends. It is also a little scary as they know so much about Susan and her other side.
It was a really fun night but we didn’t stay out as late this week. I so look forward to getting out with my friends.
Well I think I have caught up on my blogs sense my last one. I hope you don’t find them boring or redundant but it helps me to try to put it down in words. I also have pictures on my flickr page if you want to get a better idea who I am.


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