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Everyone out Friday night at Embers

Well Friday night was a really fun night. We had our group all out again, about 12 of us. We All went to Embers and it was awesome. It is so fun to be out in a big group. Teresa made it out which was so good because she has been working so much during the summer I hadn’t seen her sense the first part of June, a long time. Her job is really busy during the summer months. Also Bev and Maya came out too and they are such fun. Maya has let her hair grow long and it looked so cute on her. Cassandra and Peggy were both out and they are always fun to be with. They are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They are both trying to quit smoking and I know they will be able to do it, you go girls. Even Kelly came out and she has a broken foot and came in on a walker, wow that’s awesome. Lisa was there along with Amy who I have only met once before and Mira and Debbie who this was the first time I have met. I know I am forgetting someone sorry.
Embers was really quite and not very crowded to start but once the show started it got packed. They really do put on a good show. Our group was the biggest group there which is always nice. Sable Cities was there last night and performed, she is awesome and the best Drag Queen. She won the Oregon part of the RuPaul drag race. It was a nice night out with good friends which makes it all the more special. I am truly lucky to have such a great group of girls to hang out with.


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