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Susan’s Shopping trip

I have wanted to go out shopping for a while so I decided tonight was the night. I had a couple hours tonight so I got dressed up and went out. I started at Starbucks where I sat and took care of my e-mail I have been falling behind on and checked some things out on the internet. It is so great that Starbucks has WIFI now. I was only there about 30 minutes as I wanted to get to the mall with enough time to hit a couple stores. There were several other people in Starbucks and several came and went and no one seemed to pay any attention to me. The girls working the counter were great and never even gave me a second look. As a matter of fact over the last week I have gone to 3 different Starbucks and have been treated great and no problems. I really think that with the down turn in the economy businesses are more tolerant of anyone spending money at their establishment.
When I left Starbucks I drove down to Clackamas Town Center and started at Sears. I spent about 40 minutes there and looked at everything in their clothes section. I even found three cute tops that were marked down so I bought them, a pink, deep purple and a light purple. After Sears I went around to JC Penney’s and spent about 30 minutes looking around till they closed. I didn’t find anything that I just had to have but had a fun evening.


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