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Movie night for Susan

Tonight I decided to do something different. Susan got all dressed up and drove down to Clackamas and went to a movie. I have wanted to see the movie the Hangover (very funny if you haven’t seen it you should) and as it has been out several weeks would not be that crowded. It started at 7:25 so it was still light out and you really can’t park close. I had forgot about it being Saturday night so there were lots of people going in and out of the mall. I walked in and bought my ticket and went to the theater.

When I walked in it was packed. There were almost no seats by themselves except for one on the far side almost to the top on the aisle. It was still early so they also had not dimmed the lights so I had to walk across the front of the theater and up to the seat. This was a little scary but I made it okay. As I said the movie was great. After the movie I had the long walk back out to my car with all the rest of the people leaving the theater.

It was only 9:30 and the Kohl’s across the street stays open till 10 so I went over there and did a little shopping. I had just planed on looking but found a cute little top marked way down so I bought it. It is more of a casual top which I don’t have a lot of so it worked out good. Was a fun night out.


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