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Starbucks and then out to the clubs

Friday night I went out again. I got all dressed up in a new black dress I bought and headed out. As it was still a little early and I knew if anyone else was out they would not show up till after 8 so I stopped at Starbucks. There is one a few miles from my home that does most of their business through their drive through window and they are usually not that busy inside. I took my laptop with me and in I went. There were only 6 people inside so I ordered my favorite drink and sat down and got on my computer. I spent about an hour there surfing the internet and checking e-mail. No one seemed to pay any attention to me.
My next stop was CC Slaughters, I got there about 8:30 and they were really dead and no T-girls. I ran into a guy named Larry who I have met before, he is a friend of Christine who belongs to the same group I do and know her pretty well. We talked for a little while and played a couple games of pool (doubles) with a couple other guys. I had a good time.
About 9:15 I decided to go up to Embers and see if any T-girls were there. Parking was really bad up there as they have several blocks just west of it closed off so I ended up parking about 3 blocks away, not too bad. I got inside and sat at the bar and had a drink while I waited to see if anyone else showed up. The show started and I watched for a little while. I was just getting ready to leave when Victoria Sinclair showed up with 3 t-girls so I joined them. Isabel is Victoria’s new makeup and voice coach and is very nice. She just moved her and was her first time out here in Portland. The other new girl was Olivia, it was the first time she had ever been out as Olivia. She came to Portland and had a transformation session with Victoria at Over the rainbow (they do a wonderful job and very friendly). She looked awesome.
Olivia was scared at first being her first time but she had a wonderful time and I think she will be back. I had a chance to talk with her and get to know her and she seems really nice. She even had a couple pictures taken so I gave her my e-mail address so she can send me the picture. It turned out to be a really fun night after a slow start.


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