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Embers on Friday night

Well Susan was out again on Friday night. Down town Portland was really busy with the beer fest going on so parking was hard to find as I do not like to pay for parking. I started off at CC Slaughters, I had to park about two blocks away. The walk was not that bad as the weather was not to hot and I am getting more comfortable walking down the street as Susan. No one really paid any attention to me. I got to CC Slaughters about 8:15 and went in. they were really quiet and there was no one there to speak of. Maybe 8-10 people sitting at the bar. I stayed about 20 minutes to see if any other t-girls would show up and then drove up to Embers. I wanted to get there before the cover charge.
Parking was just as bad up there and again I parked about two blocks away and walked to Embers. They were a little busier then CC Slaughters but still open tables. I spotted Lisa (another t-girl from our group) sitting at a table so I went over and joined her. We had about 30 minutes till the show started so we were able to talk which I always enjoy. It seemed strange as I have not been to Embers for about three months. The show was good and we had a good time but once the show started they got really busy and soon all the tables were full.
A GG named Patricia came over and stood by our table and started to talk to us. She was really nice and friendly and I always love to talk to GG’s that are excepting of Susan, it makes me feel like one of the girls. She was there with some friends who were up playing pool.
Kelly (another t-girl from our group) showed up and we all watched the show for a while. Then we all moved up to the pool table area with Patricia and her friend and played some pool. For the most part it was just Lisa and I that played and we almost ended up trading games.
About 11:30 Marla (another t-girl from our group) up and joined us playing pool. It was nice as we could see and hear the show but it was not so loud up there so we could still talk. We stayed till a little after 1 am and then it was time to call it a night. It was a fun night but would have been better with more t-girls.


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  1. I can appreciate your comment about always loving to chat with accepting gg’s. Even though I’ve been transitioning now for over 3 yrs it is still nice to be totally accepted by a gg. Us girls obviously worship the female form and I suppose no matter where I am in my femme journey it will always be uplifting to be considered just one of the girls.
    Sounds like you had a fun time. Glad to see you getting more comfortable being out and about as Susan. It’s such a great place to be when you get over the anxiousness part and just start being you in public. Congrats on that sis!

    Love n Hugs,
    Lori in Louisville

    Comment by Lori Tanner | July 26, 2009 | Reply

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