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Susan Miller out in her red dress

Susan Miller in her red dress

Susan Miller in her red dress

Well I made it out again on Friday night. It was so nice and really hot out so I wore my Red dress from Valentine’s Day. I met Cassandra and Peggy for dinner at the Fox & Hound in Portland which is on the back side of the block from CC Slaughters. I have drove by it and walked by it many times and never really noticed it. It is a really nice and T-girl friendly place and the food there was really good and reasonably priced. We had an enjoyable dinner and had a chance to talk which is always nice. After dinner we walked over to CC Slaughters.
They weren’t very busy and we got our tables over by the pool table. It wasn’t long and some of the other t-girls started to show up. We all played some pool which is fun even though I am not that good (I lost). Barb did really good and won 4 games in a row including beating Cassandra.
Peggy and Shannon drug me out on the dance floor for a couple of dances. I still feel awkward on the dance floor but I am getting better and had fun. Later we all went back out and danced for several more songs and it was a lot of fun. I did discover that my favorite heels are not really good for dancing and by the end of the evening my feet were really sore. I will have to find me a better pair of heels for dancing. It was a great night and so much fun. Our little group of t-girls is so great and everyone is so friendly and accepting.

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  1. Hello Susan!
    I feel very fortunate to have found you on Word Press. I have enjoyed cross dressing intermittently for, oh my gosh!, forty-five years! It is not a “hobby” I have shared with very many folk, but over the years I have ventured forth into public on occasion. In more recent years I had the good fortune to be a “road warrior” with generous free time. I traveled through out the American West and sometimes had the freedom of several days concurrent to just be “me”.
    You and your friends seem so well adjusted to being in public in your feminine attire and persona. It is heartwarming to be aware that Portland is an accepting and welcoming community. I have recently resettled fairly close to the Portland Metroplex. Perhaps in time our paths may cross, maybe at a Mall somewhere, shopping! 🙂
    I have an internet photo album I have put together, just for sharing with like minded cross dressers, such as yourself. There are pics from when I was 18 years old and on, although I began my experiments of dressing in girls’ clothes when I was around 13! (I have an older sister, she would kill me if she ever knew! :)). I am now approaching 62 years of age and I must admit I have lost a bit of the feminine luster I was once able to achieve 🙂 But, I still get out my clothes and make up now and again, just for fun. Perhaps at some point I may share those photos with you, if it’s to be.
    Also, in receiving this you will note that I have just started a blog on Word Press as well, not related at all to cross dressing although I do blog as a woman.
    Best wishes to you and thanks again for just being you! I love your style and composure.
    Sincerely, Jamie Prather

    Comment by jamiesecret | July 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. Just lovely…hehehe….

    Comment by Cassandra | July 14, 2009 | Reply

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