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Friday night at CC Slaughters

Well Friday night Susan went out again and wore her blue dress. I met up with some of my friends at CC Slaughters. It was such a great time as we had a huge group of T-girls there for Peggy’s birthday. When I got there Cassandra, Peggy, Maya, Bev, Veronica, Teresa, Shannon and Lisa were already there. There was a Birthday cake for Peggy and we all sang happy birthday to her.
A little later Christine, Lea showed up. Even David and Lincoln two of the bar tenders from Embers showed up for a while. David has his birthday on Saturday so some of girls are going to Embers Saturday to help David celebrate his birthday. They have both always been great and treated all us t-girls with respect and like good friends. They are truly awesome.
Later on Veronica took her corset off so we put it on Peggy and laced her up. She looked so cute in it but I don’t think she really liked it as they are not the most comfortable things to wear but I would still love to have one and hope to buy one soon if I can find a good quality and cute looking one.
We had a great time and some of the girl even danced. I even went out on the Dance floor once. It was fun but I still feel uneasy out on the dance floor. Bolivia was there as usual; she is one of the drag queens from Darcel’s next door and is always at CC’s when she is not performing. She is really friendly and so much fun. I was up way to late again and didn’t get home till after 1:30 but I have such a fun time with them all they are such wonderful people.


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