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Susans vacation last night May 24, 2008

I put my suitcase in the trunk and drove to the front office. I grabbed my purse and walked into the hotel office. The man behind the Desk greeted me by saying Good morning Miss, (I love the sound of Miss) are you checking out? I said yes and gave him my key card and room number. He asked if I enjoyed the stay and if the room was okay. I said yes. He printed me out my receipt and told me he hoped I would come back and stay with them again. It was about 11 am so I drove to the IHOP I ate at the other night and went in for breakfast. I was seated and had a good time. I was on the road by noon and drove up 101 over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful drive and the ocean was incredible. I stopped a couple times at some view points and even stopped and checked out the Red Woods. They are so big and beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for better weather.

I made it as far as a town called Gold Beach and stopped for the night. This is a town on the southern Oregon coast. I checked into the motel and the lady at the desk treated me nice but she really looked at me and my driver’s license. I don’t think they see a whole lot of cross-dressers here. I put my stuff in my room and freshened up my makeup and then went out for dinner. I really wasn’t that hungry because all I did all day was sit in my car and drive but I wanted to go out. I found a restaurant called Nor’wester and it didn’t look real busy so I went in. I ordered a salad and a drink. The waitress seemed to pay no attention to me but a few of the other people kept looking at me. After dinner I went and took a walk on the beach bare foot and watched the sun set before coming back to my motel for the night. I am trying to make my vacation last as long as I can but I know tomorrow it will all be over and Susan will go away for awhile but it has been an incredible and fun time while it lasts.


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  1. Have a safe 1/2 day as Susan.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 24, 2008 | Reply

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