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Last day in San Francisco May 23, 2008


I got up and all ready by 9: am. I drove out to the mall on the west side of San Francisco called Stonestown Galleria mall. The first place I went was the Bare Minerals store. I wanted to find out how much coverage this would give and if it would work on my skin to cover what needs to be covered and still look natural. The sales lady was really helpful and honest. She told me it probably would not do want I needed but gave me a sample to take home and try. I thought this was really great as she knew I probably wasn’t going to buy anything but still gave me a sample. I walked around the mall some more and found a little bakery so I went in and got an apple fritter and milk for breakfast. After that I went to Macys and looked at their cosmetics. I have found that the women who work the cosmetic counters are the friendliest and I guess it’s because they sell what we all want. One of them even asked me if I wanted to try anything on. As I past the Clinique I saw the same free gift with a purchase and as I needed some perfume I checked out their fragrances and found one I liked so I bought it and got my free gift bag. I walked around some more and went into Nordstrom’s. Again the ladies at the cosmetic counters all asked if I needed some help or if they could show me anything. It was such a great feeling I really love shopping as Susan. I left there and decided to take a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. On the north end is a view point and I stopped and got out and looked at the bridge with all the other tourists. I took a couple pictures and then asked a lady standing near if she would take a picture of me with the bridge in the background and she did. I looked around for a few more minutes but the wind was really messing up my hair so I got back into my car and drove on down into Sausalito. This is such a nice small picturesque town I think if I were to live here this would be my first choice. It is full of little shops. I walked down on the waterfront and looked at the bay and even went into one small shop to look around. After that I drove back across the Golden Gate Bridge which if you are going south you have to pay a $5 toll which I guess is okay. I drove through the city and then back down to San Bruno to the Starbuck’s near my hotel. I am now inside with my latte and computer writing down the events of the morning and early afternoon. It is fun to sit here and people watch in such a public place as Susan. When I am done here I am going to drive down the road to the Hillsdale mall in San Mateo I was at yesterday and see if there are any other stores between here and there I can explore. If not I will just go back to the mall. Tonight I will go back to the other Starbucks I was at last night and finish up my notes on today.

Well after I left Starbucks I drove down 82 to San Mateo where the Hillsdale mall I was at yesterday. I parked in the parking garage and walked into Nordstrom’s. I looked around at their clothes some more and then went down to their cosmetic counters. To my surprise there were all kinds of young women probably high school age all getting makeovers. They also had a lot of women working the counters. They must have had some kind of special for a Friday evening. It was so crowded I couldn’t even get up by the counters to look so I walked out into the mall to look around. I looked around and went into Macys and again found the same thing at their cosmetics counters. I was a little disappointed but I was still out and that’s what mattered. I went upstairs and looked at some of their clothes for a while then back into the mall. It was really busy I guess because of being Friday night. I spent a little time in Mervyns looking at their outfits. I was only there for a little over an hour before I left. I drove back to my hotel and went to the IHOP for dinner. They weren’t really busy even for a Friday night. I sat there and had a nice relaxing meal. As I sat there I noticed it was 7 pm and I thought to myself I have had my acrylic nails on now for one full week as it was last Friday I had them done. This is the longest I have ever had them and I also realized that in less than two days I will have to have them removed and go back to my short boring boy nails. After dinner I stopped by my hotel room and freshened up my makeup before heading out for my last night in the San Francisco area. I drove back over to the other Starbucks and they were real busy and I had to park down the block and walk to get in. I like San Francisco the only bad thing is the wind never stops blowing and by the time I got in my hair was a mess again. I fixed my hair and ordered my latte. The people working at the Starbucks have been outstanding and friendly. I found a table and plugged my laptop in and am finishing up my days events. Tomorrow I have the long drive home and I just realized I lock all my male clothes up so I will have to drive home as Susan. For now I think I will sit here and finish my latte and do some other things on my computer as I people watch.


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  1. Glad to hear that the week has been so much fun!

    Comment by Anonymous | May 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Have fun driving as Susan.
    Great blogs.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 24, 2008 | Reply

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