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another full day of shopping and funMay 22, 2008


I got ready but was a little slower today. I didn’t leave motel till after 10 am so I got to the Hillsdale mall in San Mateo about 10:30 and parked outside Sears and went in. I went right into the mall and walked around. I went through Nordstrom’s and the ladies ant the cosmetic counter asked if I needed any help. I said I was just looking. I spent too much money yesterday. I walked through the women’s department and no one even said hi to me which is unusual for Nordstrom’s. From there I went out into the mall and down to Macy\’s. I started off at the cosmetic section. Again the ladies all asked if I needed any help. A couple of the younger ladies at the Clinique counter asked if they could help me and told me about their special gift if you buy $25 worth of cosmetics. It was a nice gift so I really looked over there counter but there was nothing I really needed so I thanked them and went up to look at their clothes. Again none of the sales ladies here said hi to me not sure why. It didn’t look like they were approaching anyone. I went back into the mall and went to the Cinnabon and got a cinnamon roll and milk for breakfast. After that I walked the mall some more and went into a Claire’s boutique they had some bangle bracelets that fit and a nice ring so I bought them. On my way out I stopped at the Mac Cosmetic store. I have only seen their cosmetics in department store never as a standalone store. The two ladies working there asked if they could help me. I said I was just looking so the one showed me all the different cosmetics and told me if she could help me in anyway let her know. I looked for a while then thanked them and left. I got in my car and drove across the street to Barns & Nobel and went in. I spent a good hour in there looking around and reading. I have found that this is a good place to go when out as Susan. I left there and drove back to San Bruno to the same Starbucks I was at last night. I grabbed my laptop and went in and ordered a latte. I really just wanted to be someplace public that I could sit for awhile. I have been wearing heels no stop for the last three days mostly 2 1/2 inch so not to high but I can feel it in my feet, but I still love them. So right now I am sitting in Starbucks righting this out. It is a great way to spend an hour or two. I think I will try to find another Starbucks to go to later. It sure isn’t like Portland where if you drive a few block in any direction you run into a Starbucks. Here they are few and far between. Today has been sunny and warm and in the upper 80’s so I have had to touch up my makeup a few times but it is so worth it.

Well I left Starbucks and drove around to the other side of the shopping center to Marshals. I have never been in Marshals so I didn’t know what to expect. I parked and walked in. They are a discount store with racks of clothes that are so close together you have to turn sideways to walk between the racks and if there are other shoppers down the row you want you can’t get past them. I looked for a short while but didn’t care for the store but it was still a chance for Susan to be out. I then drove up the street to see what I could find. About a ½ mile down the road I found a Subway and decided to get dinner there. I parked and walked in. they were really busy and I had to stand in line for about ten minutes. I ordered and then sat down to eat facing the door so I could see everyone who came in and they could see me while they stood in line. I sat there and ate and was in no hurry, it was good to be out. When I was done I drove on down the street and found a Starbucks in an upscale area and made a note of where it was so I could come back. I continued on down the street and found Kohl’s. Quickly pulled in and parked and went in. I like Kohl’s and have bought several of my outfits there. I walked around in there for a good 45 minutes looking at everything from skirts, jewelry and makeup. I even found there perfume section and they had a bottle of Eternity as a tester. I love the sent so I use the tester and the smell is heavenly on me. It was after 7 pm by now so I decided to go back to the Starbuck’s I had found and see what that one was like. I parked on the street and went in. it is bigger and a lot nicer than the one I was at earlier. I ordered my latte and sat down at a table and am now on my laptop finishing my notes for today. All that is left is I might stop at a movie theater I found later on my way back to the motel and see if there is anything showing I want to see. It is now 7:30 pm so I think I will sit here for a while and finish my latte and take care of some other things I need to on my computer and plan what I will do tomorrow.

I got to the movie theater just before 8 pm and it was showing the movie what happens in Vegas at 8 so I went ahead and bought a ticket and went. They were just showing the previews. It was really funny and I loved it. If you get a chance to see it do.

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