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full day out shopping as Susan May 21, 2008

Today was a full day of being Susan. I got up and got all dressed up and left the motel by 9:15 am. I was driving to the mall on the west end of San Francisco. I got to the Stonestown Galleria mall and went in. my first stop was bath & body works. I wanted some perfume and they had a fragrance I like in a sampler I could use. From there I went into Nordstrom’s and walked around looking at their clothes. They have a lot of beautiful outfits but they are too expensive for my budget. On my way out I walked through the cosmetic section. Several of the ladies asked if I needed help and I said no just looking. The lady at the Mac counter told me if she could help with anything just let her know. I looked for a bit and then asked her what the best way to do eye brows was? I have never been good at them. She sat me down and told me the best way is a brown to neutral eye shadow. She found a good match for my skin and showed me how to put it on. I was week so I bought the shadow, a sealer & the small brush to put it on. I walked out with my purchase $50 worth which I put on my credit card. I walked through the mall looking through all the shops. I would name them but I think I went in almost everyone. I even stopped at the food court and got a piece of pizza. When I left the mall there was a Borders book store just across the street so I walked over and looked at some books for awhile. I also needed to use the little girl’s room. When I got back to my car it was almost 1 pm, I had been there almost 3 hours.
I drove from there into downtown to the San Francisco Centre. I found a parking garage one block behind the center but with the no left turns it took me almost 15 minutes to get turned in the right direction to get in. I had to park on the fifth floor and ride the elevator down. I had to wait for the light to cross the street with a bunch of other people. When I finally got across I went into Bloomingdales and walked through the cosmetic section. One of the sales ladies called me over and said she would freshen up my makeup and asked me to have a seat. She put on a bronzer and something called glow, which added a little light to my cheeks. She gave me her card and order catalog with prices and told me if I would like to buy them just come back. She was very nice and not pushy. I then walked out into the mall. It is 5 stories high. Again I looked through all the shops. I stopped Fredrick’s of Hollywood and they had the corset I wanted but I didn’t know what size I needed. I looked around for about 20 minutes but neither of the sales ladies even so much as said hi to me so I left without buying it which saved my over $50 which I guess is good sense I spent it at Nordstrom’s. From there I went to Payless shoes to get a new pair of heels. I found a shoe I liked with an open toe 2 ½ narrow heel but they only had tan or brown color and I wanted a black. I asked the sales lady if she had any in back. A few minutes later she came back and said they were out of them but gave me a slip that showed two other stores that had it in my size. One was on the water front, and the other in Daily city which was on my way back to the motel. I decided to go for the Daily city which was a mistake. I thought this was a small city and I could find it without a map. Turns out there are over 100,000 people so I ended up driving back to the water front. I found a parking spot on the street about a ½ block up from the store. I walked down to the store and found my shoes and they were on sale her for $10.99 which was $7 less. I paid for them and went out to my car and put them on. They felt so much better. It was after 6 pm now so I had to fight rush hour traffic out of the city.
Once on the freeway back to the motel I decided to go to the Ulta store at Tanforan mall I was at last night. They were busy at the mall so I had to park way out and walk through the parking lot. I got in and looked around for a while. I checked out the OPI nail polish to see if I could match what I am wearing. I matched the color and it is called Pompeii Purple and it is beautiful. I then found some cosmetic sponges which I need so I bought a bag, only a couple bucks. From there I walked next door too Barns & Noble and looked around. They have a door into the mall and I was hungry so I went into the mall and found a place that sold hot dogs. Not a sit down meal but it did the trick. I went back to Barns & Noble and looked around a little more. It was now after 8 pm I have been out for over 11 hours. The walk to my car was a little cold as the wind seems to always blow but I was still having fun.
As I was leaving the parking lot I noticed another shopping center just down the street so I decided to drive through it and see if there are any stores I could go to tomorrow. As I drove through the parking lot I found it, a Starbucks coffee shop. So yes I did it. I parked and got my laptop computer out of my trunk. Went in and ordered a Latte and I am sitting at a table in a busy Starbucks right now typing this out instead of going back to my motel room and doing this. The time is now 9:25 pm and Susan has been out for over 12 hours. I have been at Starbuck for almost an hour; I am not as fast typing with my long nails but I am getting use to them. Nobody seems to notice or care about me being here and I know that after 12 hours my makeup can’t look that good as it did this morning even with little touch ups here and there. Well I think I will finish my Latte and then head back to my motel. It has been a great day.

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  1. I’m sure GG’s have the same problem with their makeup at the end of a long day, but I’ll bet you still looked terrific!

    Just imagine, the entire day as Susan! It sounds like you really enjoyed your time out and about.

    Comment by Pat K | May 27, 2008 | Reply

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