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First full day as SusanMay 20, 2008

Well today is the day I leave Reno and go to San Francisco. I got up about 8 am (it was a short night as I was out late) and took a quick shower as I had fallen asleep last night with my makeup on as I was typing on my computer about Susan’s outing at the casino. I went down to the coffee shop in the hotel and had breakfast. After breakfast it was about 9:30 so I stopped by the front desk to find out what time checkout was. The lady at the desk told me it was 11 am and asked if I wanted to checkout now. I told her I still had to go up and pack and she told me I could go ahead and check out and then just leave the key card in the room so I went ahead and paid my bill and then went up to my room to pack. As I packed I remembered how much fun I had as Susan and sense I was all checked out I decided to be Susan for the day. I did my makeup and got dressed. I wore my black skirt, a purple top and my 3” heels. I put all my stuff from my wallet into my purse and then packed all my male close and shoes into my one suit case and my female stuff into my other suitcase (yes I took two suit cases). It was almost 11 so I left the key card on the table and made sure I had everything and left the room. When the door shut behind me I wondered if this was a good idea but as I could no longer get back into the room there was no turning back. I made my way down to the elevator and pushed the button. I got on the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby and down I went but only two floors, it stooped on the 9th floor and the doors opened and a couple got on the elevator. I was a little nervous with other people this close in such a small place but we were moving again but we stopped again and 5 people got on. It was so full you could hardly move. I was glad when we got to the lobby and we could get off the elevator. I walked the short distance through the casino to the sky walk and out to the parking lot. I was glad to be at my car. I put my suit cases in the trunk and took a paddle lock I brought and locked the suit case with my male cloths in it. I have left the key to this suit case at home so now there is no way to change back till I get home. I left Reno and drove south to Carson City and up to Lake Tahoe. It’s not the most direct way to San Francisco but I have never been to Lake Tahoe and being so close I just had to go and it was so worth it. It is so beautiful up there and the lake is so blue.

I went through South Lake Tahoe and they have several hotel casinos right on the state line between California and Nevada. I would have like to spend some time there but wanted to try to get to San Francisco before rush hour. The drive into the bay area was good and I had no problems but did not make it before rush hour so I got to sit in traffic as Susan. My motel was on the south side of San Francisco and it was almost 5 pm before I got to the hotel. I sat in the car for a little while working up my courage to go in. I knew I had no choice so I checked my makeup in the mirror, took a deep breath and took my purse and walked into the motel lobby. It’s a smaller motel that I picked because they had free parking and a good rate for San Francisco. The man behind the counter looked at me and said good evening Miss, (he actually called me Miss) are you checking in. I felt a lot better and all of a sudden I was calm. I said yes I have a reservation. He asked for my driver’s license and credit card. I took them out of my purse and handed them to him. He put the information in the computer and handed my card and ID back. I signed for the room and he gave me my card key. I thanked him and he said enjoy your stay Miss and if you need anything let us know. As I left the lobby and went outside another man was coming in and he held the door open for me. I drove over by where my room was and found a parking spot almost right in front of it. I got out and got my suit case out and went inside my room and sat down to rest. What a trip so far. The motel has free internet so I logged on and posted my blog entry for last night when I went to the casino as Susan to gamble and then I went in and redid my makeup as it was not as pretty as it was this morning when I left so I would look good for going out to dinner.

I got in my car and drove down the street south as I do not want to get caught in the traffic on the freeway. About 3 miles from my motel is a shopping center that has a Mervin’s but as I am hungry I kept going and will come back later to shop. Farther up the street I found an IHOP so I decided to stop and get dinner. I parked took my purse and went in. I was shown to a table and the waitress came and took my order. As I sat there I looked around and no one really paid any attention to me except the man who was sweeping the floor, he took a good look at me and had a puzzled look on his face. It was a lot of fun to be out in the mainstream dressed as Susan. After dinner I drove back to the shopping center that had the Mervin’s and parked and went in. I spent about 40 minutes in there looking at all the skirts and tops and even tried on some shoes. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t buy anything but had a great time. As I was leaving I saw a Barns & Nobel on the other side of the parking lot so I went over there and went in. I looked around for a while and even sat down with a book and read for a while. I stayed out till about 9 pm and then decided to call it a night as last night was short and I want to be well rested for tomorrow. What a great first day as Susan.

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  1. Congrat’s again Susan… further adventures to follow, for sure!

    Comment by Anonymous | May 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. A very gutsy move to lock your male persona away for the duration! But it had to be oh-so exciting.

    Now Susan was committed to venture into the world as a beautiful and daring woman!

    Comment by Pat K | May 27, 2008 | Reply

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