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First full day in Reno May 18, 2008


My first full day in Reno and it has really changed sense I was here last. I didn’t realize it but it has been about 12 year’s sense I was here. A lot of the smaller casinos have disappeared. I got up this morning and went down to the coffee shop for breakfast. Then I played some slots for a while. I didn’t do as well today as yesterday and after about an hour I decided to go check out some of the other casinos. I started at Peppermill which is right down the street from the hotel I am at. This was a small hotel casino when I was here last and now it is huge. I looked around for a while and played a couple slots. I lost on the poker but won about $100 on the .25 cent wheel of fortune. I have never played this slot before but it was really fun. I left here about noon and drove across to John Ascuagas Nugget which is not in Reno but just outside. This hotel now has a second tower and is bigger then I remember. I looked around for a while but they were really busy. All their table games were at least $5 and sense I am still learning Black jack I wanted a little less to play so my money would last longer. I walked across the street to the silver club which is smaller and not as busy and I found a poker machine to play. I played for about two hours and had a few cocktails (non alcoholic sense I am out driving) and had a good time. The cocktail waitress was really nice and never said anything about my nails. One of the times I was talking to her and told her I liked the smaller casinos because they seem more friendly and it was a shame they were all going away. She told me of a couple more near by. Western Village which is just a few blocks east and Siena which is down town Reno. I decided to go check out Western Village first. This is a really small hotel casino but really nice on the inside. As I walked through I noticed they had a couple $2 Black Jack tables. I watched for a while and then got up the courage and sat down to play. There were only two other players both of which were women. I bought in and in about 20 minutes my $20 was gone. I went ahead and put another $20 out and did a little better. I played till about 5 pm and wound up winning my money back. I went and got dinner at their coffee shop. It was really good and in talking to the waitress I found out this casino is owned by the same company that owns the Peppermill out by the hotel I am at. After dinner I went back out and played some more Black Jack, I like the $2 tables. I played for a couple hours. Finally one of the dealers a younger woman mentioned my nails but all she said was she loved the color. Which I guess is good because she didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with me having acrylic nails. I decided to head back to my hotel for the night but will have to remember this casino and come back.

I drove back into Reno and off to the right of the freeway I noticed another small casino called the Rail which I will check out tomorrow. I got back to the hotel and decided to update my blog before I go down to gamble for the night and have some drinks. Last night it was a little I found it a little hard to type after having several drinks. I will let you know how tonight goes in my blog tomorrow. Hopefully I will win some money and I hope I can find a Black Jack table open I really like playing cards with my nails and I think I am getting good at Black Jack. Also the picture is one I took of my nails in the parking lot this morning. The one yesterday was just a little out of focus from the movement of the car.


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  1. Susan, you need to gamble as Susan as you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
    Please tell us that you went out dressed up as Susan to go with your nails.

    Comment by Anonymous | May 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. I totally agree with Alice. SUSAN RULES!

    Comment by Pat K | May 26, 2008 | Reply

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