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May 13, 2008 Getting ready for my vacation

This is the start of my journey the start of a vacation I have wanted to take for a long long time. Today I went to Kmart in Beaverton and bought a new pair of heels and a new top for my trip. The shoes are open toed with 2 ½ inch heels for day wear. The top is a two piece purple top. It has a spaghetti strap top with a button up shirt with sleeves that come down about half way between my elbow and wrist. They will both go nice with my black pants or skirt.

Now my plan as of now is to get my nails done Friday night. I called today and made an appointment for 6 pm to get my acrylic nails, not sure what color or if I will just get a French manicure. Then I will go home and pack for my trip. I plan on leaving Saturday morning at 6 am and drive to Eugene and get some breakfast maybe at McDonalds and top of my gas tank before I head over the mountains. I am going to put on some mascara, eye shadow and a neutral lipstick before I leave. The best guess is it will take me about 9 hours to make the drive plus any stops so with luck I should be in Reno sometime after 4 pm.

I have only been to Reno once many years ago so I am sure it has changed. There are some new hotel casinos there and I have booked a room at on called Atlantis which is not in the down town area but had good room rates and looked nice on their web page. I only plan on spending a couple days there as I am not a big gambler, mostly poker slots but I want to try some roulette or black jack so I can play with the chips and see what it’s like with my acrylic nails.


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  1. GOOD LUCK!!!

    Comment by Anonymous | May 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hope you have a wonderful vacation! be sure to check as see some of the shows going on down there, have Fun!

    Comment by Christine | May 16, 2008 | Reply

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