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A day for a pedicure

Well I really didn’t think I would be out this week as I was supposed to be out of town but things changed and although I don’t have a lot of free time this week I had a few hours this morning and Susan decided she needed a pedicure. Now I have wanted to try a nail salon a little closer to where I live called Dream Nails. Now this is really close to where I live and I usually don’t go out as Susan to places within 5 miles of home for fear to running into someone I know. Anyway I was up by 7 this morning and got all ready and was ready to leave by 9, now as I said this was a last minute opportunity so I had not made an appointment so I did call at 9 when they opened to see if I could get in and the lady said they could get me in so I left home for the nail salon. I got there in less than 5 minutes as I said this is really close to where I live.

I parked and went in, the lady there asked if she could help me and I told her I had just called about getting a pedicure so she told me to pick out my color and showed me to a pedicure seat. The color I picked out was a really bright pinkish red color by China Glaze, I normally always do OPI but today I picked by the color alone. She asked me if I wanted the regular pedicure or the deluxe well as it has been awhile I went for the deluxe. She started on my feet and a couple other ladies came in that work here. This is actually a big nail salon as they have 9 pedicure chairs and 8 manicure tables and according to Yelp they are always busy.

Now if you have never gotten a pedicure it really is a must to put on your list of things to do. It is so relaxing as they massage your feet and lower legs. She trimmed my toenails and trimmed back the cuticles. One thing I really liked is on the back counter they had several machines for sterilizing the tools they use, this is the first salon I have gone to that did this. Once this was done she rubbed oil on my legs and feet and used a pumice stone to remove any rough skin on my heels and foot. Then she put a green past on my legs and wrapped them with a hot towel. She let this sit for a few minutes while she got a couple plastic bags with a liquid in them and then came back and wiped away the green paste. She then had me put my feet in each of the bags which turned out to be paraffin wax. This was really warm on my feet.

While my feet were in the bags she started to massage my lower legs with oil and creams. Really relaxing. She also complimented me on how my legs and feet looked which made me feel good. After about 15 minutes of massaging both legs she took the wax off my feet and did the same oil and cream massage on my feet. When she was done with this she went over and came back with 2 hot stones and then used those to rub my feet and legs. This part was nice but not something I would go out of my way for.

While she was doing this another lady came in and asked one of the other girls if she could get a pedicure and also told them there were 5 of her friends on the way and they all wanted pedicures so the other 2 ladies started getting things ready for the group coming in, I was surprised that with that many all coming at once together they didn’t make an appointment.

As she was finishing up on my foot massage 2 other ladies came in, part of the group. The lady, I wish I had gotten her name started to paint my toes and the color was awesome, a really bright pink with a touch or red in it. She did a great job and it took about an hour. She then took me over to a chair so I could put my feet under a fan to dry while they started on the other group which by now was 5. The cost was only $40 which really was not bad at all, plus a tip of course. It was about 10:30 when I left the salon.

Now as I said I didn’t think I would be out this week and I only have a few hours this morning and early afternoon so I didn’t want to go right home. I needed a lip liner so I figured a quick shopping trip to ULTA which is only about 10 minutes away. I got there and went in and looked around a bit before getting the lip liner and going to the check out. On my way home I stopped to get something to eat, went to a Panda Express as this is a fast food I can eat with a fork. I was here maybe 20 minutes or so.

I was on my way home and it was a little before noon and I still had an hour or so, so again I pushed my comfort level and stopped a t Starbucks I have never gone to before, one that is only a block and a half from my house. Now i parked and went inside and to my surprise it was really busy, they had 5 people working and I had to stand in line to get my drink although most people were getting their drinks to go.

I got my drink and sat down at a table by the door as it was the only one of 10 tables open. So now I am on my computer catching up on things. I have been here about an hour and it is a steady stream of people coming in so I keep wondering if one of my neighbors will walk through the door.

Well I must be going as I have things my male self needs to do in a couple hours so I need time to get home and clean up all traces of Susan. To my surprise I didn’t see anyone I knew while I was here but there were a lot of people who came in and went out.

It has been a fun day and my toes look great.

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Fun Saturday, night out at Harvey’s Comedy club with friends.

Well it is Saturday and tonight is Harvey’s Comedy Club and I am really looking forward to it but first things first. Last night I broke my last set of nails so this morning I need to make some new ones. It took me about an hour to file and prepare my nails and tape them on the board so I can put the nail polish on. I do it this way as I can do 8 sets of 10 nails at one time but today I only did 7 sets. It took me another 45 minutes or so to paint them with 2 coats of color and then the clear top coat for shine. I used my 3 favorite colors from OPI, 3 sets in “O’Hare and nails look great” which is my favorite bright red, 2 sets in “Pompeii Purple” which is a really pretty pinkish red and 2 sets of “got the blues for red” which is a darker wine red color. Now I had the rest of the day for them to dry before I get ready for Harvey’s tonight.

I started getting ready at 4:45 for tonight as I wanted to have extra time and maybe get downtown earlier then 7, well it took a little longer getting ready which was okay as I really enjoy this part of it. I wore my new dark blue dress I bought a few weeks back when I was out shopping. It is a really cute dress and just like the other on just one small problem. I bought them at Ross Dress for less and they were my size but as I have learned woman’s sizes very so I tried them on to make sure they fit in my shoulders and they did and that is how I determine fit and I don’t look at anything else at least till now. when I hung the dresses in my closet I noticed they were shorter then my other dresses but till I put it on tonight I didn’t realize just how short till I put it on tonight but I still wore it I would just have to be careful sitting down. I put on my new nails and they looked beautiful, I hadn’t noticed how bad my other nails looked lack of shine so I was happy.

I got downtown Portland right at 7 and parked and walked to Fox & Hound. Cassandra, Peggy, Cristine, Jan, Lynn, Laura and Petra were all there already so I knew we would have a great night. Peggy had on this really pretty red dress and looked awesome as did all the girls tonight. I sat next to Peggy and got a chance to talk with her which is always nice. We ordered drinks and a snack but I was going to wait and eat at Harvey’s.

It wasn’t long and Teresa, Laura and her friend Jeni showed up. Now the funny thing is we have 2 Laura’s both of whom came tonight and both have a friend named Jeni who have come out with the group, well I had seen the post and for who was coming tonight and had them backwards. A little later Lilly and her wife Chrissie showed up. They came out a week ago for the first time and met a few in the group but I was glad they could come out tonight and meet more of the group plus I knew they would enjoy tonight. I introduced them to all the girls and we all had a nice time talking.

About 8:15 Cassandra, Peggy, and Cristine headed over to Harvey’s and the rest of us talked a little more as we waited to pay our bills. It was about 8:30 when the rest of us left for Harvey’s. It was a nice warm night out and I always enjoy the 7 block walk through downtown. Tonight was also going to be fun as it is the first time Laura and her friend Jeni and also Lilly and Chrissie have been to Harvey’s. We had a nice walk and had a chance to talk more.

We got to Harvey’s and there were already people in the lounge waiting for the next show so it was probably good. We sat around some more and talked and Lilly and Chrissie got a chance to talk more with Cassandra and Peggy which I really wanted as I thought it would be good for them to meet them as Peggy has been so supportive of her husband Cassandra and really all of us girls in the group. I think that is the best thing about our group as we can talk and get support from others who are just like us. We really are more like a family. The rest of the girls going tonight showed up, Sophia, Robyn, Michel and her friend so we had 16 in all tonight.

Now as more people came in I was more aware of how short my dress was but I did see several other girls with dresses as short and maybe a couple even shorter than mine. Well it was time to go in and of course Berry the owner had our tables all set up. Normally we text Kim our favorite waitress but she is on Vacation tonight and not here and we miss her but we hope she is having a great time. The young man who waited on us was really good and treated us great which is no surprise as we are always treated great here but we did miss Kim so it will be nice next month when we see her again.

The show started and as always it was great. They only had 2 comedians tonight, the featured and the headliner no MC tonight. They both did a great job and we all laughed so hard but I think the headliner was just a little better. Both picked on people in the audience, some that were talking instead of watching the show and two girls that were on their phones texting. It was great as I think when a comedian can interact with the audience and do jokes off the cuff while on stage is great.

After the show we all walked back to Fox & hound. I was going to stay out just a little later tonight as Sandy was driving down from up north to go out in Portland, she couldn’t make it early enough for Harvey’s so I was looking forward to seeing her. We had only been at Fox & Hound for a few minutes when Sandy came in. she had been over at CC Slaughters. It was great to see her again.

We all sat and talked for a bit and then a few of the girls left. We had a great time and it was nice talking with Sandy. I really wish I could have stayed out later. It was almost 12:45 when I finally called it a night. Sandy was going to go back over to CC’s for a while before she made the drive back home. It really was a great night out.

The dates for next year’s Diva Las Vegas are final it will be March 22 to 27 2015 so mark your calendar, it is such a fun event. If you have never heard about it or know what it is check out their web page.

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Friday and the end to long busy week, time for some Susan fun

Well the week is over and it has been really busy for my male self so I was ready for some Susan time. It is amazing how much more relaxed I become just by starting the process of becoming Susan and I so look forward to this time. Well I got home late so I knew it would be rush to be ready and out the door by 6:30 and for once I decided that my time getting ready was more important as I figured not many would be out tonight. I was right as by the time I was all ready and looking pretty I was so relaxed and all he stress from the past week was gone. I left at 7 pm and traffic was light so I got to Sweethome about 7:15. As I was pulling in Megan a GG we met here a few months ago was walking in. now it is funny as the first time we met her back in June she was dressed really casual including flat shoes as she is a taller girl but the last 2 times she has come out she has worn heels and skirts and tonight was no different. She had on the really cute short skirt and high heels.

Now as I was later tonight I had to park on the street and walk in which really isn’t that bad as I have become so comfortable as Susan I really don’t even think about it anymore. Chris and Cristine were already there and Chris had his computer out. I had brought mine too as I thought there was a small chance I might be the only one from our group here tonight.

Well I ordered dinner and the 3 of us talked for a while as Chris and I also played on our computers. I went over to the bar for a little while and talked with Megan. Her new job is going well but she still works early Saturday mornings so she never stays out to late. We talked maybe 10 minutes and then my dinner arrived so I went back to my table to eat, by the way the food here is really good.

As I was finishing my dinner Megan came over and joined us, she had been reading my blog on her phone and saw a couple of my pictures with different hair, yes the 3 times she has been here I was wearing the same hair. Any way I got out my phone and showed her some of my other pictures with different hair and looks including some of my Halloween pictures and yes my phone is like my computer no pictures of my male self and well over 100 of Susan. One reason I have a pass number on my phone.

Well I had to get a picture with Megan tonight as I said earlier she had on these really cute heels and with her heels we were almost the same height. Should have gotten a full picture so you could see her skirt and heels, by the way I have on my 4″ heels also and her heels were also probably 4″. I love getting pictures with tall girls.

Well a little later Roxy and Silver showed up so we had 5 from our group out tonight. We all sat at one table and had a great time talking. It was kind of a quiet night here tonight as the other group that comes for Karaoke was small too and didn’t show up till almost 10 when Karaoke starts.

Chris had a few songs he was going to sing and I talked Megan into singing a song and both did great. It really was a fun night and I enjoyed it especially the time talking with Megan, she spent most of the night at our table so I got a chance to get to know her better. I even discovered we went to the same High School but many years apart, I won’t say how many but let’s just say she wasn’t born yet when I was there. Wow does that make you feel older.

Well by 11 it was just Chris, Cristine and I left from our group. We had all figured it would be an early night as I need to get up a little earlier tomorrow as I need to make some new nails to wear. I have not done any in a couple years and they have been splitting from using them all the time. Now the way I do them I can get 30 wears out of them usually before they split so the last few months I have been putting off doing some by putting sets together. I had one complete set left and tonight when I put it on one of the nails split up the center and I had to super glue it together for the night so that is my project Saturday morning. I have to start somewhat early so they will be dry enough to wear tomorrow night for Harvey’s. Now for those of you who are interested in how I do my nails you can read about it on my blog “Tips for beautiful nails“.

Any way Chris and Cristine had left by 11:15 and I was going to leave but I stayed and listened to a couple more Karaoke songs. Devon and Andrea from the other group both sang songs and always do a good job plus Andrea doesn’t sing that often so I didn’t want to miss her singing. After that I paid my bill and called it a night about 11:30.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as I said I need to do some new nails, the way I do them I can do 8 sets of nails (10 nails to a set) at one time. Getting them filed and set up and painting them with two coats of color and one top coat for shine will probably take me a couple hours. If I start early they will have all day to dry. I am really looking forward to Harvey’s comedy Club Saturday night as I have a new dress to wear and will have new nails also. I think we have about 15 signed up to go including Lilly and her wife Chrissie 2 of our new members, this will be their second time out with the group and that is always fun plus I am sure they will love Harvey’s.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day and be sure to check back to read about Harvey’s night out.

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Friday night at Sweethome to meet a new friend.

Well it has been a long week and I was looking forward to going out Friday night even though I couldn’t stay out late. One of our new members was going to come out for the first time with the group, her name is Lilly and she was going to bring her wife. I got all ready and was on my way, I got to Sweethome a little before 7. Chris was already there with his computer and I had also brought mine as I figured it would be a slow night as many of the girls were going out on Saturday night to try a new place.

I ordered dinner and played on my computer for a while Chris played a couple games of pool. It wasn’t long and Cristine showed up. My dinner arrived so I put away my computer so I could eat. Now I wasn’t sure if any other girls would show up but I was hoping we would have a good turnout. Petra and Michelle also showed up so I felt better that we had several of our group out tonight so hopefully Lilly and her wife would feel comfortable.

It was about 8:40 when Lilly and her wife (chrissie) showed up. I always love the nights new girls come out as it is nice to meet new people and make new friends. I met them and introduced myself and the other girls here tonight as I wanted them to feel welcome.

Lilly and her wife were really nice and I had a good chance to talk with them for a while, Lilly’s wife seams really understanding of Lilly and her need to express this side of herself. I had been hoping one of the wives from our group would come out and I was not disappointed and it wasn’t long and Jan and Lynn showed up. I thought it would be nice if Chrissie had a chance to talk to another wife about this and how they deal with it. Roxy also was able to show up tonight so we 10 of us in all including our newest member.

OMG I forgot Teresa as she also made it out tonight, How could I have done that. She doesn’t get out that often so it is always a treat when she does. she has promise me she will be going to Harvey’s Comedy club this weekend so I will get a chance to talk with her more which will be nice. 

Well it was time for Karaoke to start and Chris had a list of songs he was going to sing. Chris and Lynn both sang tonight and we had a great time. Jan, Lynn Lilly, Chrissie and I all sat at one table and had a great time talking and getting to know each other. We told them about the group and some of the things our group does including Harvey’s Comedy club which I am hopping they will go to as I think they would have a great time.

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Friday August 22 at Sweethome

Well it is Friday again and time for Susan to go out and have some fun. I have been looking forward to this all week and, I was just getting ready to leave work with my mind on the really important stuff like what outfit to wear tonight when something came up at work and I got stuck there late. Of course this would mean getting home late and having to rush to get ready but these things happen. It was 5:45 when I got home and right into the shower to start my transformation. Luckily on the drive home in traffic I decided how I wanted to do my makeup and what dress I would wear, one of my new ones of course.

I got out of the shower and started on my makeup, I spent 20 minutes on my eyes tonight as I have gotten better with the Smokey Eye look and tonight I was going to use the darker colors which I think is harder to get to look right. I think it turned out well though. I was driving away from my house by 7 pm so not really that much later than normal. I got to Sweethome and got out of my car and my heel felt funny, I looked down and the toe strap on the left heel had separated from the shoe, it was devastating. These are my favorite heels. I looked at them and I am not sure I can fix them so that means hours of shoe shopping I now have to do to find a new pair I like as much. Don’t you all feel sad for me now having to spend time as Susan out shopping? The show was still wearable just a little loose.

I went inside and Chris, Cristine and Cassie were there, Cassie in boy mode. Now as I knew a few of the girls couldn’t make it tonight I kind of thought this might be it for the night, a small group like last week. I was wrong though as other girls started to show up over the next couple hours. So here we go we will see how good my memory is, Silver, Roxy, Petra, Michelle, Carolyn, Monica, Raven, Laura, Joan, and Little Julie all showed up tonight. It was great to see a big group out again and gave me chance to talk with few of them that don’t get out that often.

It was great to see Julie out again as she gets out so rare, her wife doesn’t know about her so today she had a conference she went to and instead of staying overnight she drove about 2 hours to come out with us before she goes home tomorrow. It makes you think back on all the things we have done over the years to be able to express our feminine side and be who we are. I can remember years ago dressing in my car because I had roommates just so I could take a late night drive or renting a motel room so I could go and get acrylic nails for a long weekend, talk about expensive nails. It is funny as now that I get out so much my male side often wonders if spending the money to get pedicures every so often is worth it but don’t worry, Susan can talk him into most anything but back then I would spend a couple hundred dollars on a motel room for 3 nights plus the cost of getting acrylics and having them removed so I could have them for a few days. Of course back then my going out was very limited and going to the nail salon was a big outing for me.

Well about 9 it started to get busier as the Karaoke group had a lot of their members showing up now and of course as I had a new dress on I had to get a picture. Cassie was nice enough to take this for me.

Well Karaoke started and there were lots of people to sing tonight including Chris and Laura. It was great Laura could make it out tonight as she has had a lot of personal stuff to deal with over the last few months and we have all missed her, our group really is like one big family. We may not always agree and we may have little arguments but like all families we always love and care for each other, am I lucky or what.

Well a little after 1 another big group of younger people came in maybe 15 or so and again this week the bar was packed. Julie and Petra were playing pool but with so many people it was hard because every time you made a shot you had to ask someone to move as there were so many people standing around the table. Now one of the girls from the group came over and talked to us, her name was chrisan, she even told me how awesome my makeup was especially my eyes and that she needed me to do her makeup which made me feel good. She talked with us for a while and then her and Julie went out and tried to dance the best they could with so many people in there.

I actually had 2 other girls from the other group come over and tell me how pretty my eyes were tonight so I guess I did a better job than I thought on them, but it still made me feel awesome as what girl doesn’t like to get complements or be told she is pretty.

Well it got later and by 11:30 some of our group was leaving but it was still really busy here. By midnight it was down to just Laura, Chris, Monica, Raven and me from our group which is still pretty good. Chris and Laura both sang one last time before they left. It is always sad to see the evening come to an end. Monica and Raven also left and as there was a line at the bar and I still had to pay my bill I sat and listened to a couple more songs but the line never got smaller as it was still really busy tonight so I got up and went and stood in line to pay my bill. It was almost 12:30 when I left and yes I was the last from our group. It was a really fun night with my friends.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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Dinner out on Wednesday night

Well I had the chance to go out on Wednesday night and join my friends for dinner. Now going out during the week is fun but they are always short nights as I get up early. I started getting ready earlier so I could get out earlier and it worked I was out of the house and downtown Portland by 6:30. It is funny as when I first started going out I would drive around and look for a parking spot as close as I could so I could get from my car inside as quickly as possible, now days I actually enjoy walking around so I usually just park about a block and a half away as I always find parking there.

I got to Fox & Hound and Roxy and Chris were at the bar so I joined them. It was nice just being out for a night. Cristine showed up so we talked a little more and then went over to a table so we could eat. Cassandra was already over there catching up on so work on her computer. Well about 7:20 we ordered dinner and I ordered for Kim as she was on her way. I actually had to call her as she wanted steak the same as I did but they didn’t have it tonight.

Now tonight I wore my grey skirt and a cream color top and of course my heels. Kim showed up and she also had on a grey skirt with a black top and really looked nice as always. The funny thing is I almost wore a black top tonight.

Dinner finally came and we had a nice dinner and some great conversation. Now I had planned on leaving by 9 but we all know how that turned out. Susan was just having to much fun. it was almost 9:30 when we left, Chris, Roxy and Cristine went around the corner to CC’ Slaughters and the rest of us called it a night and went home. It was a fun night.

Thanks for reading.

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A long day golfing

Well Saturday the Rose City T-girls went golfing at Wildwood Golf course. We were having a mini tournament, a 4 girl scramble which is fun and as it really is not important how good you are more girls can get out. Now our tee time was at 2 pm for our first 18 holes and then around 8:30 we would start our 9 holes of our glow ball tournament. I started getting ready at 10:30 am with plans of being on my way by noon so I could be there by 12:30 or so. Well I was on my way right on time but wouldn’t you know it I hit traffic so I didn’t arrive till 1 which still left me time to hit some practice balls before our tee off time.

Cassandra, Peggy, Victoria and Veronica were already there. It was already getting warm but we were going to have a fun day. Brenda and Carolyn showed up so we got our range balls and went to the Driving Range, It wasn’t long and Petra, Michelle, Robin and Amber showed up so all but one of our group was there. We all hit a small bucket of balls and of course took some pictures.

It was finally tee time so we got to the first tee and of course we had to take some more pictures of our team. The first team was Petra, Michelle, Amber and Carolyn, the second team was Victoria, Brenda, Peggy and me and the last team was Cassandra, Veronica, Robin, and Robyn who showed up just as we were teeing off. Here is a picture of my team.

Now I started off good one the first hole and as we were playing a best ball scramble makes it a lot easier but by the second hole I started to have trouble with my drive and between the 2nd and 8th hole I lost 5 balls before I got my swing back. In all I lost a total of 6 balls through 27 holes but I did find 7 in the weeds so I actually came out ahead and of course the biggest thing was I didn’t lose one nail which was the most important thing.

Now as I said it was really warm especially out in the sunshine, I think I drank 5 bottles of Gatorade and 2 bottles of water plus several candy bars. Thank god for Ashley the drink cart girl. She is awesome and loves when we come out and play. She actually told us she asks to work the days we are there. I didn’t get a picture with her this time but here is one from when we played here before.

Our group finished with a +5 so you guessed it we came in last but we had fun and looked great doing it. after we finished the first 18 it was almost 7 and we were all tired and hot and I was scared to look at my makeup as I was sure it had all melted off but I got out my compact and put a little powder on to cover the shine and to my surprise I still looked pretty good.

Well at 7:30 they started the BBQ and this was for everyone that was playing Glow ball. You get balls that light up when you hit them and they put glow sticks on the fairway and the flag pole. They had 10 teams of 4 playing including our 3 teams so at 8:30 we all went out to the holes we were starting on. We played the front 9 with two teams going to holes 1,2,3,4 and 9 our team started on 9. Now there was still just a little light when we teed off of 9 but by the time we got to hole 1 it was dark as there was no moonlight. Luckily we had each brought a small flashlight so we could see the ground while we walked.

It is really challenging to play golf in the dark especially when you are just hitting down the fairway and a glowing stick. It was still warm out too, probably mid 70’s and of course being dark you had to walk and pull your clubs on a pull cart and this course has a lot of hills so we were really going to get some good exercise. Now I had some really good shots and on one hole we were on our second shot and we could see the light on the flag. It is hard to judge distance in the dark but it looked like about 160 yards out so I got out my 4 iron and took a nice easy swing and the ball flew right at the glow stick and it stopped about a foot from it and we were all excited till we got up to it and discovered this was a par 5 and what we had thought was the flag was actually the 100 yard marker but it was still a good shot.

It was almost midnight when we finished and got back to the club house. I had been out for 12 hours now as Susan in the heat and sun and I was ready for the day to be over. It only took me 30 minutes to get home and I was afraid to look in the mirror. To my surprise I didn’t look that bad after all that time. It was so much fun and I hope we get to go golfing again before the weather turns bad.

Thanks for reading

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The weekend is here and time for Susan to have some fun.

Well it is Friday and time for a fun weekend. Now I love Fridays as I get to go out as Susan and have some fun with my friends. Now I knew there wouldn’t be many from our group out tonight as some are out of town and as we have a full day tomorrow golfing I figured some would stay home tonight but that was not going to stop me. I was all ready by 6:30qnd on my way and tonight I did take my computer with me. There was more traffic tonight then normal so I got to Sweet Home right at 7.

Cristine was already here and she also had her computer, it was actually a little busier than normal for this early which is fun. Cristine and I talked for a little bit as be both figured there was a good chance it would be just the 2 of us tonight. Well we both ordered dinner and then broke out our computers. Paul the owner asked if I was golfing in our tournament tomorrow and I said I was so he came back with 2 $25 gift certificates to Sweet Home he wanted to donate as prizes, how awesome is that.

Heather from the Karaoke group was there and came over and talked with me for a while, it is great to see her out as she is so much fun. It was about 8 when Veronica showed up so there were 3 of us. She is in town to play golf tomorrow with us so it is always nice to see her. The 3 of us talked briefly about next year’s Diva Las Vegas as they have set the tentative dates for 2015. If nothing changes it will start on Sunday March 22 so it is a little earlier next year.

About 9 it got really busy as about 25 or 30 people all came in together, they all looked like college kids in their early 20’s and about half and half male to female. well the bar got really busy now and you could hardly get up to it for a drink and poor Paul was working his butt off but it was great to see so many people here and the girls were all really cute and some had on some really cute outfits although Cristine said some of the guys were hot too but I was more focused on the girls.

Well Karaoke started and some of the college kids sang and they were not that good but they had the whole group singing with them and it was one big party for them. Well about 10 just as fast as they had come in they left, they were going downtown Portland. It turns out they were on a bar crawl but it was fun while they were there.

Jessica from the Karaoke group showed up so I had to go talk with her and wish her a happy birthday as today was her birthday. We talked for a little bit, she had on these awesome heels that must have been 5″ high. I talked to a couple other girls from the Karaoke group, it is great because even when we have a small turnout from our group we still have interaction with the other people at the bar so it is not like you are all alone.

Well a little before 11 Cristine and Veronica called it a night and I was not ready to leave yet so I broke out my computer again but really never got a chance to use it because about 2 minutes later Joan came in so we actually had 4 from our group tonight. Joan and I sat and talked for a while. In a way it is nice to have this one on one time as you get to learn more about the other person and really talk. Well about 11:30 Joan left and I was again by myself. I thought about leaving but Jessica and Andrea from the other group had signed up to sing and I wanted to stay and hear them especially Andrea as she doesn’t sing that often which is a shame as she has a really nice voice.

I stayed about 20 minutes more long enough to hear them sing before I made my way to the bar to pay my bill. It was a fun night even though not many of our group was out, hopefully next Friday we will have more as it really is more fun when we have more girls out. Besides that is what this is all about, getting the girls to come out.

On the way out Paul and the girl that does the cooking were outside and both wished me a good night. I thanked Paul for the gift certificates for our golf tournament tomorrow. Saturday will be a busy day as our tee time for 18 is at 2 pm so I need to be at the golf course by 1 to practice so I will need to leave my house by noon or very shortly after. After we play 18 we will have a BBQ and then as it gets dark we will play 9 holes of glow ball so I am guessing we won’t leave the golf course till 11 pm so it will be a long day for Susan tomorrow out in the sun but it will also be so much fun. I will have to get my pictures early on though.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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Tuesday afternoon time for Susan

Well Tuesday afternoon I had the chance to go out. Amy and Jeannie were getting together at South Pacific in downtown Vancouver at 4 pm so I decided to join them. It is always great to see Amy as she only gets to town every other week and not on the weekends so I don’t get to see her that often.

I got home a little before 3 so I had to rush to get ready which I can do if I have to, I was all ready and out the door by 4, it took me about 20 minutes to get to South Pacific. Amy and Jeannie were already there which I knew they would be. Jeanie and Amy meet here every other Thursday and for a couple hours and just have a nice afternoon talking. I met Jeannie a while back and she is super nice, this is only the second time I have joined them but she treated me like a long lost friend. We sat there and talked for a couple hours and had a great time.

It was about 6:30 when we left and I didn’t even think to get a picture with them and the sad thing is I can’t blame it on being blonde tonight as I wore my brown wig. Amy was headed out to Beaverton for dinner with Cassandra, Jeannie went home and I didn’t want to drive that far as I get up early but I wasn’t ready to go home yet so what is a girl to do. Go to your favorite Starbucks for a little while. Yes I brought my computer with me. I got there about 6:45 and ordered a drink and started doing some work on my computer.

There were only 3 other people inside and all had their computers out. Now I know I can sit at and do my work but it is more doing my work as Susan and I actually get more done as I have no distractions other than people watching as they came in to get something to drink. I stayed till just before 9 when I left to go home.

Now as I said I have gotten pretty relaxed being out as Susan that I really don’t even think about it anymore which is good but last night I parked my car in the garage just a little after 9 and when I got out without thinking I walked across the street and got my mail which I have done before but as I was getting my mail just two houses down the street one of my other neighbors was getting her mail from that box. Now I don’t know her really and she is not one of the neighbors that I know knows about me but I know she saw me. Now as dark as it was I am sure she couldn’t tell anything other than seeing a female walk back into my garage.

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A little Susan time to try a different look

Well I had a couple hours free tonight and I wanted to try a different look, a little darker foundation and makeup and o figured it was better to do it on a night I was not planning on going out just in case it didn’t turn out well. Now the other day when I was shopping I bought one shade darker of the MAC Studio fix which is what I use on my face and I have used the Revlon color stay on my neck and I actually went a lot darker on this one. Well for tonight I decided to use just the Revlon Color stay on my face also and see how it worked. Now this looks a lot darker in the bottle but once I got it put on it really didn’t look that much darker and I thought it gave my face a healthy glow so I was liking the look.

Next was my eyes and again I did a Smokey eye look and I think it turned out well, of course I was in no hurry as I was not going out so I had all the time I needed. Well I got my makeup all done and it actually looked really good so of course I needed some hair to make the look right and of course an outfit so before I knew it I was all dressed and had tried several of my wigs that I don’t normally wear to see what looked good. I liked this one the best as it seemed to look good with the darker foundation. So now that I was all dressed up I had to get a picture so that meant going outside on my back deck as I think natural light just makes you look better. I snapped several pictures as I knew some would not look good and I was right. Out of 10 I only liked 2 of them, the other 8 I deleted.

Well now I found myself standing in my house at 7 pm all dressed up and no place to go so what is a girl to do. You guessed it Starbuck’s, the idea just came to me so I grabbed my purse and off I went. I went to the one by the Airport at Cascade Station. I picked this one because as I was driving down the freeway headed to my regular one I realized the outfit I had put on for the pictures were more geared for going to a club, short black skirt and my 4″ heels not what ones wears to Starbuck’s so I went to one I have been to before but not on a regular basis.

I parked and there were 5 guys sitting outside by the door so I was a where of what I was wearing as I got out of the car and walked past them and inside.

I ordered my drink and sat down and glanced outside at the guys and they were watching me, not sure if it was the fact I was a t-girl or if it was the short skirt and 4″ heels that got their attention. Any way I had things I needed to do so I got out my computer and went on line.

I spent the next hour catching up on e-mails as I have been really busy this week and got behind. Once that was done I had time to play so I started surfing the internet. Now this Starbucks is a little bigger and also busier so there was a lot of people coming and going and of course I had sat right by one of the doors next to where you pick up your drink so I had a good chance to people watch also which is always fun.

It was a fun and relaxing Saturday night and much better than just sitting at home. Soon it was 9 pm and they were closing so I had to leave which was okay as I needed to get home. The 5 guys were still sitting outside so I again got to walk right past them.

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